The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Give something away everyday

  So many of you know that last year I attempted to use up a lot of residual toiletries and ribbons and odds and ends and not buy anything new, for one year. It was pretty amazing to see just how long I could survive on the surplus of "stuff" I had laying around the house. But unfortunately... I didn't get rid of as much "stuff" as I had hoped. The year ended June 1st. I headed straight to Target to get some much needed conditioner and a few other items but it was quite anti-climatic... The choices were overwhelming, my credit card was soon marred from all the added swiping at the cash registers and I didn't have you all to talk to about the "challenges" and insights I was having.

 It seems growing up in Iowa where "stuff" isn't as easy to acquire, I became very wary of just buying something I would use or wear once.  Therefore... I became just as wary of giving it away. Unless my clothes were worn out (even then there were always patches that could be added) they were "perfectly useful" according to my mother. It probably didn't help that my love affair with overalls, umbros and anything in shocking neon colors was, usually, a bit of a stretch to reproduce, and so I hold onto....
 a lot...

  "Ann, are those the same overalls you insisted on wearing when we were in college?"
  "Ann, I can't believe you still have those earrings I gave you in 8th grade..."

 I learned that if you wait long enough, things come back. And in the meantime, when they aren't "in" you never have to worry about someone showing up to an event in the same outfit... right?

 Well, I also have a small obsession with thrift stores. I'm always on the lookout for a gift that has "meaning" - usually comedic in nature, but one that someone will always look at, shake their head and smile, remembering it came from me (or so I hope).

  If you saw my house you'd see that my "office" - if you can call it that, is continually the unfinished project... Making decisions about my own "stuff" is unbearably hard, and therefore always a procrastination point for me, but finding the perfect gifts for others... is something, I even spend my nights dreaming about.

  So... I've decided that this year I'd like to give something away everyday. I'm not a millionaire by any means, which is why most "gifts" are finds from thrift stores or creations I've dreamt up and then attempted to create, but that's where they find "meaning"... I think. Either way, the "somethings" will likely vary considerably. I've even decided that when I'm on the road, and may have a little difficulty giving something away per se, I could fill the day with a handful of compliments, maybe some hugs or a candy bar? ha! I'd like to think it will just bring to the forefront of my mind the idea of putting someone else first, if only for a moment, each and every day.

  But do I need to create a new name for the blog? and more importantly... would you read it?


  1. I rather like the title, but yeah, probably need to change it for the new mission.

    And yes, I'd definitely read it :)

  2. I would keep the blog name, and go with a sub-heading of " And the creativity it has spawned!"

    Your writings are well done, I'd read them as would others!


  3. I enjoyed following your nothing new for a year, and I look forward to following your new year...whatever you call it :)