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Rock n Roll Golf?

So as many of you know I spend a lot of my time listening to music at the Rock n Roll Marathons around the world. I'm continually amazed at what a mood changer music is for me, and from what I can gather on people's faces... I'm not alone. The fact that I get to listen to music all day at my "job" makes me a pretty happy "employee"! ha

This morning after I came home from a run on a nearby golf course, I overheard the sound of music coming from near the clubhouse. I figured they were getting their day going the same way I do. But upon following the sound that went from AC/DC to Brad Paisley I saw this...

It's a DJ... On hole #1! 

After a couple of hours of enjoying the music from my house, curiosity got the best of me. I needed to give something away anyway. Yesterday I made a loaf of banana bread to take to my 88 year old neighbor. He said he only needed half of it, he's very healthy, golfs 3 days a week, you get it. So, I had a half a loaf left.

 I grabbed it and a bottle of water and headed over to the golf course. The DJ told me he was hired by a company who was having a golf tournament out there and wanted each player to tee off to their favorite song. It's like Rock n Roll Golf! lol. The poor guy is in a suit with a tie and a vest! He was a little surprised by his assignment today but was rather enjoying himself. And I'm rather enjoying his VERY varied playlist. Glad I could find a good home for the rest of the Banana Bread. He was happy to get a little nourishment to keep up the good work. 

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  1. Cool blog and awesome idea! If we could get everyone to do that we'd probably curb global warning-however, I think economists may say we'd halt global development(is that really such a bad thing?) I rather be able to breathe while running:)