The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso


Ok... well gang, if any of you read this regularly I'm headed out with my padded butt short, some butt buttr and a short bus. It's time to join the 30,000 other people who think 100 degrees and 100% humidity, lots of cornfields and bicycles sounds like a good time :)

Talk to you in a week!  (Good thing there isn't much to buy but food. ha)

The Great Kindle Debate

Alright another dilemma.

Does buying a book on my Kindle count as a "new" purchase?

Technically "old" books I would buy from a Goodwill or something wouldn't be "new" but then there's the accumulation factor... and the Kindle purchases stay in the "cloud" - if you will...

I guess I have a little time to mull it over. I already have a few books I purchased on my Kindle I haven't read yet, so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

On a side note, I did run across a John Steinbeck book recently that I'd never heard of. I purchased it before I had really thought too much about it... it was "used" as you can see.

It's non-fiction and was written in the early 60's by John Steinbeck as he traveled across the US for 3 months observing the changes our country had gone through. He mentions how accents started diminishing even then, the mass production of food had almost wiped out the unique flavors of certain areas...  and he even writes extensively about how much waste the world was creating.

If it was so blatently obvious to him 40 years ago, imagine what he would think if he saw it today...

Great read... might be one of my best .99 thrift store purchases.

My dad's an avid reader and was a high school english teacher for many years, so I got really excited at the opportunity to surprise him with a little gem of a read. I was certain it would be new to him too since I'd never heard him even mention the title before...

Me:    "Dad, I've got a book you're going to love! It's a John Steinbeck book, but his writing style in this one sounds a lot like your writing style"

My Dad: "You must be reading Travels with Charley... It's one of my favorites"

Lesson learned: It's hard to surprise old people :) They really have done it all.

toiletries strung from here to RAGBRAI

So I'm headed to Iowa to ride my bicycle across the state for  a week, camping in people's yards, eating pie in small towns along the way, pulling off to slide down a makeshift slip 'n slide in a ditch, listening to music pumping from the most amazing devices you've seen strapped to the back of bikes.

Surprisingly enough, I'm not alone. 30,000 people do this every year, including Lance Armstrong. Not sure if you've heard of him but he's a really big deal... and he likes to drink beer on RAGBRAI.

Hope that's a Michelob Ultra! ha

As we speak I'm halfway there. I arrived at Peters parents house late last night after some trial and error on the landing by our pilot. The good news is that my toiletry hoarding has proved itself with one redeeming quality as of now. Under the sink was an almost full bottle of Proactiv and my very favorite Aveeno body lotion (which they don't make anymore).

Thankfully... because in packing ahead of time for a weekend triathlon in Seattle, a week of bike riding and camping in Iowa and then a road trip back to California, I managed to NOT pack my Proactiv. And yet... here it is, like a message from the heavens that stressing about toiletries really isn't necessary. This year will work out. At least that's how I'm interpreting it.

I'm lucky if you're still reading this. probably stopped up top when i told you we were riding our bikes across iowa, in july, with Lance.

Hey Lance, Juan Pelota, lucky 7, whatever, we're Team THOR and we know you have one of those extra long school buses for your LIVESTRONG team, but if you wanna come by and check out some custom seating inside a short bus with a wheelchair lift... that'd be cool.

the paper doll app

Last year I started getting a random catalogue in the mail. There were some cute clothes, but for the most part, not so great.  Not sure how I got on the mailing list, I'd certainly never heard of it before. However, the prices were decent and it meant I didn't actually have to walk into a mall or a store, that's the worst part for me, so I ordered a few things, last year.

I come home today (for all of 4 hours) and another random catalogue. Similar feel to the first one, but now the clothes are a little nicer and more expensive. And yet, it's still a company I've never heard of before (Boston Proper?)

Well I always say you're never too old to stop learning. right. So I try to stay "hip" as my dad always says. You know, be able to engage in conversation on the latest and greatest... what if this is the new Jordache?? I already miss out on all the "Saved by the Bell" references because I didn't have cable. So I open it up and take a look...

Now I'm not generally a window shopper... but..

I picked it up for a little look see. Flipping through, I was feeling pretty confident about this not buying anything new until... there it was. A great little dress that would be perfect for that upcoming trip...
-Ann, just throw the magazine away (actually recycle).
But temptation is temptation for a reason. I tried the psychology route, rationalizing how it probably wasn't good quality anyway, and
-Ann, whenever you order like this you tend to get the wrong sizes, and they never look the same as they do in pictures...
Yep... feeling better. Could wait until next year...

-What if, the dress isn't available next year? It will be "old" next summer. They may not even MAKE the thing next year. And it's a classic...I could definitely wear it again....(Sound familiar!??)

Wow, we really are a rationalizing bunch aren't we?

Well after a few hours being a little peeved, walking past the catalogue as it lay on the counter calling for me, I caved, and took another look.

When I thought about it, a lot of the outfits in there really weren't that "new". I mean I have a cute little cropped white jacket kind of like that one.

That sparkly shirt is actually just like that one I got for Vegas a few years back... and thought was too ridiculous to wear anywhere else, but shoot if she's wearing it.... with some shorts... apparently its fashionable!

It's really just that pouty face, a sweet spray tan, and standing against a bar with one leg kinda popped out and your back all arched that makes it look so much better than what I got.

Or I love this one. The outfit actually is something I LOVE, but really... when are you going to look like that wearing it??? ha

Maybe i should start taking pictures of myself in these outfits so that i can recall what I can do with what I've already got!

Too bad we don't have ourselves as paper dolls and when we bought clothes they came with a little paper doll outfit to match. We could mix and match our outfits without actually trying them on all the time!! Lester? are you picking up what I'm throwing down?? ha We'll see if we can't get a "Paper doll App"

Well Boston Proper, you seduced me in, you got me all upset but look who's winning now...
sure not paying $40 for the shorts, $119 for the jacket, or $80 for the sequined shirt (that sells for $10 at Forever 21 - 365 days a year :)

But thank you for the inspiration... I think I'll stick with the hardly used, overstocked closet of clothes I've invested in already. (and maybe a trip to the goodwill for the fillins)

Winning! - sue me charlie

Supply Update

So long Olay Regenerist. I too was Flattered when you beat the $100 creams, Floored when you beat the $350 dollar creams, and Flabbergasted when you beat the $700 creams.
But to me... you smelled amazing... and for that, I salute you.   (Gotta love that Tosh.0)

Gummy pennies...

I'm finding more crap in bags stashed everywhere. Now I'm not coming across entire bottles of anything, but you know what I have found an excess of... gum... Mainly torn in half... slightly gross, pieces of gum.

Part of my natural "saving" mentality is to only eat half a stick of gum (or maybe it's because my mom would only give me a half a piece as a kid?).

Well, surprisingly enough, my mouth isn't that big. It may be loud, but it isn't big.
Have you ever had your jaw hurt from chewing a big ol' wad of gum? Well a half stick is just right for me... it's the other half that I feel sorry for.

These seem to have escaped relatively unscathed, but inevitably they'll end up in the bottom of a bag with lint and paper all over them... or I think to use up those coins rattling around in the bottom of my bag only to find they're all half covered in sticky (un-chewed) but now kind of unusable coins (well unusable in the sense that you'd rather not put the cashier through the pain of touching them, and then get that unescapable dirty look - but really...  do you think you're going to go home and wash them?? yeah right.)

                            The worst part about this picture is that it's not just pennies...

But, money is money... Take it from the owner of this restaurant I went to the other day... He tried to pay his credit card bill with pennies. (although they were clean...)

Back to the point - even though mentally I'm getting twice as much gum out of a pack by eating only half pieces... it isn't a reality if all the other halfsies are being eaten by my change, and ruining the insides of my bags.

Here are my thoughts.

1. I could start eating full sticks of gum so my jaw hurts like crazy, and eventually give up gum all together, in turn not ever wasting any gum. (but I love gum)

2. I could always put my gum in ziploc bags so at least if the halfsies start deteriorating on me they're still clean enough to eat... (chances are slim I would actually remember to do that.)

C. I could just mentally get over the thought that I'm somehow being less wasteful and face reality.

4. OR...      Could we petition gum companies to make pieces smaller? Let's be serious, in today's world it's all about options...

Not sure how to solve this dilemma just yet, will have to let you know...

Gum counts as food - right?


Dot -is a character on MADtv. I have to imagine I was much like her when I was a kid... ok, maybe even today. She has a funny line in this particular skit about "unusable nickels" - nothing to do with gum, but pretty funny. If you're into that sort of stuff.

Hair on the wall...

I don't think I used to lose this much hair... Luckily I have been asking around and I don't think I'm alone. For awhile I was worried it was some omen, but from the scientific research I've conducted (polling my friends who are willing to be honest and level with me and by some careful observations) it's common, and apparently not life threatening...

The realization began in college I think. I usually had roommates who had dark brown hair, I have blonde, therefore it was harder for them to keep their secret than it was for me :)

Either way, it seems I should have bought stock in Drano ( I thought it was spelled Draino too... it makes more sense that way right?)

Well in order to combat the required purchase of so much Drano I started putting the strands of hair I would pull out of my head onto the wall of the shower. Now I understand the initial thought of this may gross you out, but I know many of you, maybe most of you, know exactly what I'm talking about, and probably do the same thing.

Sure I've tried buying the hair catcher to put over the drain, but what do you do when you're at someone else's house and they don't have a hair catcher?  You put it on the wall, and then throw it in the garbage, that's what you do.

This was a secret tactic of mine for many years. But as we get older and stop pretending like everything is perfect, we start leveling with each other.

Like...Perhaps those nightly dinners of quinoa, fresh steamed veggies and fish occasionally turns into a big ol pizza from the cash only place down the street (that was me last night in fact)

or the new dog who is just so cute and wonderful sheds like crazy and you have now realized that putting on a black outfit must be done moments before you head out the door... (also a plight of mine, but he sure is great)

or... you put your hair on the wall of the shower to avoid clogging the drain and once in a while, forget to throw it away and it grosses someone out. Whatever.

Well as much as I love what Drano has done for me in the past, I'm not so sure the pipes in our 1912 apartment can handle that many chemicals, that often. And... I have this whole thing about not trying to buy things for a year... so this is my disclaimer.

I take the hair that falls out of my head when I wash it, and I put it on the wall of the shower. If you come to my house I will do my best to throw it away so you never have to see it. But I am not perfect, and so you may have to play witness to a hidden reality women all over the world are secretly doing in their bathrooms. And here is my official pledge to try and catch more hair before it goes down the drain so I won't have to go through more than the 80 fl. ounces I currently have.

Flying purple people eaters!

Do you remember that song? I had it on a record, the round, black, old school kind of record. It had a few songs I can remember!

(I'm learning new stuff all the time with this new blog thing... so did you know that when words are colored - it means you can click on them and they'll take you to fun websites??
 - I am not trying to belittle. In fact, I was informed by my mother just the other day that it is possible to Google.... wait for it... ANYTHING! ha ha. She cracks me up. So in case you're reading Ma... go ahead and click on all the pretty colored words. Love, Annie Bananie your best friend)

Anyway... I was recently asked about the rule on new running shoes, to which I replied, I'm very fortunate that I work for an athletic company who makes sure I'm always in new kicks... I should add that I'm also very fortunate that I have wonderful friends who work for other athletic companies who ALSO make sure I'm outfitted in the newest, sweetest color sneaks around. 

I arrived at the studio the other day and a box was anxiously awaiting my arrival - inside...

My sweet new flying purple people eaters... 

You probably don't watch TriCenter (although you should, and if you click on that link, it will help me keep my job, which will help keep me fed, because we all know what I get like when I haven't eaten...:) 

If you did watch the show you would know that I have a crush on Mirinda Carfrae, - the reigning women's Ironman World Champion. We all call her "Rinny"

On a side note....I actually confessed my love to her (not the mushy kind of love... the "I wanna swim like you, run like you, bike like you, have you over for casserole night sometime, kind of love). She mentioned me in her acceptance speech later... no big deal :)

Well I ran into Rinny in Oceanside California after a Half Ironman race, she won, and I asked her about her custom, K-Swiss running shoes

                                                           They say "Rinny" on the back

I wondered if they'd make me a faster runner - she wasn't so sure... 

Either way, I now have my first pair of K-Swiss shoes and boy are they itchin' for their first "flight". (code word we use instead of "outside, walk or run" because Thor, the dog, understands what those words mean now.)

Now... as awesome as these are, I mean they are purple and Neon green.... it created a moral dilemma. The goal of this year was not to accumulate more stuff. 

I mulled it over last night and this is what I've come up with as a solution.

 For every "gift" I get. I must in turn "give" something away. 

Well, I do have an abundance of running shoes, many of which are barely used, because I have so many. So... one in - one out! 

And after careful consideration...and a few tears (jk... it was more like ripping off toenails) I've made a choice. 

My niece is participating in her first triathlon 4 days before her birthday. She'll be 11.  
Chris McCormack "Macca", is the reigning Ironman World Champion. 
He is sponsored by Under Armour
Last year when I was in Kona - I was wearing these Under Armour shoes - and he won!

 There's gotta be some good Karma going on there....

Therefore, I have chosen to give my niece, my basically brand new pair of Under Armour sneakers for her first triathlon, which were worn at the Ironman World Championship where the Mens World Champion ran his way to his 2nd title- sponsored by Under Armour... 

Maybe if she's really good, we could even get them signed... :) Macca... are you listening? ha 

One in! One out...

P.S. I just re-read this post and I am all over the place... welcome to my ADD world.

Cliff Notes version:

My tri-crush and current womens Ironman world champion wears K-Swiss shoes.
The Current mens Ironman World Champion wears Under Armour.

(1+) I got a sweet pair of new K-Swiss shoes as a gift, but am trying not to accumulate more stuff...
(1-) I'm giving away my sweet pair of Under Armour Shoes to my niece for her first Triathlon.

1-1= 0     whew....

why I need new running shoes...

Some of you probably think I'm a little ridiculous when it comes to sneakers. Well, here's the reason I go through so many pairs...

there will be snickers bars at the aid stations during the ironman #Grand Columbian Triathlon

And this is why I chose this race :) 

Rinny's custom K-Swiss shoes

Mirinda has custom K-Swiss shoes, and she has the record for fastest marathon record in an Ironman... a coincidence?

She's also my tri-crush...

You can click on the picture to watch the video.


Back in May I made one of my last "new" purchases. It was some really pretty Papyrus stationary for a friend who loves that store. It was one of those purchases where you wanted to get one for yourself too! I refrained, but was lucky enough to get a note in the mail the other day, on that exact stationary, from that friend. A forgotten sentiment that I think should be re-ignited. Doesn't it feel great to get a handwritten note?

Anyway, it was even more beautiful than it looked in the box when I bought it!

I never realized how the pretty paper was on the inside of the envelope as well... nice job Papyrus. 

But what do you do with really great cards. You almost feel guilty throwing them away right? So I decided to share the love. I tore the portion off where the note was written to me (put it in my memory box) and decided the pretty top half would make a great postcard. Done.

Then there was that awesome envelope. But it had been written on (obviously addressed to me) so I had to think of a way to work around that...

I love paper bags. I can never throw them away. I use them for all sorts of things, and this looked like a perfect fit. Cut a piece to cover the front and up over the bottom, and extend the envelopes existing"wings" around the sides - and voila!

Now this the gift that just keeps on giving... 

The real question is, if the recipients were trying to do the same thing I am, what could they do with them next???

Forgotten Favorites

A perk! Digging through bags and cupboards has made me feel like a Goonie! I've found so many "booby traps" if you will, like the end of the paper towel roll and the struggle to figure out what's a priority and how to ration, but it's also unveiled some hidden treasures... Like today ;)

I have some clothes I only wear for an hour a week while I tape TriCenter. They don't get "dirty" so I usually run home and hang them back up. Well today I reached into thepocket of my skirt and found one of my favorite lip glosses! A true testament to jut how much stuff I have... that I didn't even realize I hadn't had it in months! Or maybe it's just my awful memory... Ha

Either way I have been reunited with a forgotten favorite thanks to saying no to buying a new lip gloss for a year ;) and I got a compliment on the skirt where it was found...

An added bonus (not to mention it was a thrift store purchase a few years ago)

I have a feeling I'm going to be a part of many wonderful reunions in the upcoming months.


Is today worth using the good conditioner?

 If I'm just going to shower again later, should I wait to put on lotion?

That's when you really start to appreciate those products that do three things in one. 
 For example...
I have one face lotion that is supposed to be a super hydrator. 
Then, there's the lotion that's a moisturizer and has a bit of a tint in it - for days you need a little color.
And one time... I bought some sort of under eye moisturizer that has gold flecks in it... I'm confessing... let's not add insult to injury - I'm sure it was a gimmick and I bit... hook line and sinker.

But then... there is the Aveeno moisturizer, tinted, SPF 30 that does it all. 

After buying all the others of course I found the one I prefer... too bad. Already got suckered into all those other products and now more lessons learned. Each and every time I put on face lotion that doesn't do it all, I will become more and more loyal to the ones who do, and well aware of those that come up short.

Or how about shampoo and conditioner? I love, love, love the smell of Salon Selectives. 
I know! I was as surprised as you are that they still make the stuff! I bought a very large bottle of it for fear it might never be seen again. 
Yep - that's a 32 ouncer. 

It's not the best product on the market, but i love the smell (we've had this discussion)... therefore, I've decided not to use it on days my hair needs to look good. 

Do you see how much thought has to go into all this??

 I was hoping the stock would slowly diminish but I'm afraid I'm going to have half used bottles of all different kinds of stuff, because they're all needed for different reasons.... uggh. 

"It's all about priorities" - my dad always says. I'm sure he's rolling his eyes over prioritizing my toiletries, but welcome to the confusing world of being a girl :)

In the end - I'm learning that I should stick with the stuff that works. Prioritize my purchases and I wouldn't have this problem. Be strong and don't get sucked into purchase I don't really need. 

And I'm learning that there is always a full stock of body soap in the dispenser at the gym - so if I do run out completely of body wash - which is likely... I guess that's a good reason to visit my friends over at the good ol' YMCA. And they sell Xenergy!!! that's "a whole nother" post. (click on that link and you'll learn something today)

The "nurdle" isn't necessary

All the commercials show a full brush length of toothpaste. Complete with that perfect little tip at the end (known in the industry as a "nurdle".)

Well... it turns out, it's too much. Like most things we Americans do, we over do it.

When I sat down and looked at just how much stuff I had under my sink the other day I started wondering just how long it would last me. But then it dawned on me the real question was, how long it SHOULD last me.

I admit, I tend to overdo it on the conditioner. With long hair, it seems I need more than the average hair length person...right? And I had cavities at my last checkup so I should use more toothpaste... right?

I'm wrong. It says it right on the box (well some boxes), and all over the internet... All we need is a "pea size" amount of toothpaste...

Instead of so much toothpaste, I should probably strive to use up all that floss I've been collecting over the years. Lord knows my Groupon dentist would applaud that lofty goal.

So... the pea size amount of toothpaste has been enacted in my house... and the race to run out of floss by the end of the year is moving along at a snails pace :)

Using less conditioner - that's going to be a day to day battle... and of course those bottles even encourage you to "rinse and repeat!" if necessary. So that's why I always run out of conditioner first...

FYI - Two of the big toothpaste brands got in a fight over the "nurdle". pretty comical.

shun her...

so this has nothing to do with not buying anything new for a year but it seems like the Casey Anthony trial is on everyones minds right now... And because my mom the school teacher has been enthralled with this case all summer, and is losing her marbles right now.

Ok. So Casey Anthony's daughter is dead. fact.
She didn't say anything for a month. Fact.
Regardless of how the child died (accident or murder) she didn't tell anybody... for a month. Fact.
Isn't that enough? I'm not sure we really needed to go any further than that...

So she got off. Fact
Now she re-enters the real world. This is how I imagine her future...

"Hi, I'm Casey Anthony and I'd like a job here." - No
"Hi I'm Casey Anthony and I'd like to rent an apartment here." - No
"Hi I'm Casey Anthony and I'd like to be in your book club." - No

We all remember those junior high days when we were shunned for wearing Levi's instead of tight rolled Guess jeans...

Well America, here's our chance for redemption.
Shun Casey Anthony for the rest of her life.

No Casey I will not invite you to my Casserole night.
No Casey I will not invite you aboard my sweet bus on RAGBRAI.
No Casey I will not let you guest commentate on my blog, even if you do swear not to buy anything new for a year.
No Casey I will not buy your book about how you got away with murder because from what i've seen, talking in complete sentences or making any sense is not your forte...

And No Casey I will not let you dog sit for my little English Bulldog... because he does not know how to swim, and apparently you're not a very good lifeguard.


I know it's nothing like rationing during war time, but it will be a lessons learned. 

I love smells. Some people hate when others drench themselves in cologne or perfume, but I welcome it. Walking down the street in Seattle just the other day, I could smell the group of guys ahead of us as we approached the corner. My friends always kind of look away when I do this, but I had to ask. Who was wearing cologne? that usually eliminates a few of them. And what were they wearing? I'm sure they thought it was some cheesy pick up line, but when I smell a scent I particularly enjoy it's worth it to ask... Trust me. Going into a perfume shop and asking to smell every bottle, is frowned upon. Trying to decipher which one you actually smelled two weeks prior - basically impossible. Smell is the strongest link tied to memory, I know, but actually pinpointing a smell on a street corner days ago is hard.

So I always ask. It was Chanel Blue.

ADD Ann - the point is, I have a perfume I enjoy immensely. I have others, that are ok. My personality tends to be extreme. I don't really "like" a lot of things. It's either true love or nothing. For the most part... And yet, I still tend to buy things I don't "love". Well that's the reason my closet and my cupboards are  overflowing... and my one bottle of perfume is almost out, while the other two are plum full.

If you look closely, to the left of the gold leaf at the bottom, you can see the line indicating how much of my favorite perfume is left... for one year.

These are the perfumes I have to work with. The one on the right is Avon I think. My mom stuffed it in my carry on when I was home in May because I smelled it in her bathroom and commented that it smelled good. Mom's tend to do that :)

On the left you'll notice a tall bottle with YSL on it. I hate it. I'm almost tempted to wear it in an attempt to train myself not to buy things I don't love. Kind of like a Pavlov's dog situation.

Either way, I'm definitely going to have to break out the calendar and mark which days are deserving of my beloved Lolita Lempicka because she's running low.

I have to say, this is one thing I didn't expect. I'm sure there will be many others, but so far, this one ranks #1.

The supplies...

In case there was any question... I took an inventory of what I have to work with for the next year. I don't know exactly how long this will get me through, but I'm pretty sure other people do with a lot less, so it will have to do.

After digging under the sink and sorting what was what, here is what I found for shampoo and conditioner.
I travel a lot for my job so the days I'm not home using this stuff - I use whatever is at the hotel. 

A lot of people asked about sunscreen...There's also one currently in my gym bag.

Originally... I, myself was concerned about the toothpaste dilemma...especially after my recent trip to the dentist. Looks like we're doing ok in this department too. What's funny about this picture is that if you had asked me if I had a preference on toothpaste brands I would have assured you I didn't... Clearly I do. ha!

I don't "do" my hair all that often. Just when I'm on camera, or the occasional night out... and yet I seem to have an awful lot of "hair products". I'm not sure this stock will look much different in a year, although not getting any larger will be a good start.

I'm an advocate for hydrating your skin - for sure. I'm a little concerned about this stock, but like I said, people do with a lot less...

In no particular order... these are the supplies I have to work with in the toiletry department for the next year... (minus the hair products, toothpaste and lotion - they didn't fit in that tub... and that's why I'm doing this :)


I love a good deal. I was raised to look for the best deal, even if that meant you went to three different grocery stores. Henry's has the best deals on produce, Von's may have the best price for GoLean Crunch, and Trader Joes has the best price and best tasting, makes 2 cookie sheet sized, garlic and herb pizza doughs on the market for a measely $1.29. Now that's... a good deal.

But I found my weakness. It all started with Groupon... I mean come on... you can save up to 90% off the retail price! Nascar racing experiences, slimming treatments, sailing lessons, that personalized photo book you've been eying, definitely things a person NEEDS!... and that's how it started.

As an independent contractor I don't have dental insurance. Showing some self restraint, my first purchase was for something I really did need. Groupon found me a great deal on dental services! I ended up having 4 cavities and certainly spent more than the original $40 for $140 for the checkup and cleaning - but they really are great people over there at Complete Dental Health. Why wouldn't you go back to a dentist that keeps baked goods in the lobby for you while you wait... and then offers you a free flower when you leave, every time. 

Then... it was Spray tanning, yoga classes, pilates classes...

The other day I looked at my husband and said, "we should go use that deal I got for $20 towards $40 worth of food at that restaurant down the street." 
He looked at me and said, "we should also probably try to use up those massages you bought us we haven't used, and the skydiving package."

Skydiving. yes. skydiving... "It was a good deal" I managed through the tears of laughter. That moment may have been the tipping point. 

Forgive me. I have ADD. The point of this story is that my friends have asked if I'm unsubscribing from all those emails for this year. I thought about it. But I've seen a few episodes of the Biggest Loser and I know they put those people in rooms full of pizza and sweets to make them stronger. And eventually, they have to go home and walk to the register, past the candy bars just like everybody else, and they have to learn to deal with it. 

And so I will awake every morning to the 10 new emails proclaiming 95% off magazine subscriptions, 50% off BBQ and music lessons... and I will say no, to "deals"... I don't need. At least for one year :)

Wild Bougainvilliea

My mom came out to visit me for a week. Mom's like to buy you things. I explained to her that I was doing this whole not buying new things for a year thing and her response was, "well I can buy you new things". Not the point Mom. God Bless her. We went thrift store shopping together, certainly  not out of the ordinary for her, but she does love that Ikea, and she went without, for my sake. They don't have Ikea in Iowa, where she lives. The point is, she helped me see the possibilities around me! Wild Bougainvillea's grow all over my neighborhood. The day my dad was flying in to join us at the Emmy's... this is what I awoke to...

even in my bathroom

They grow wild everywhere around here! I totally took them for granted. People plant them and only get to enjoy them for a few months in the midwest, and I get them all year long... and yet I hadn't appreciated them, until then. 

Instead of feeling as though not being able to buy fresh flowers is a sacrifice - I'm now more aware of the world right outside my backyard. Something I think we all forget sometimes. 

Thanks mom. 

Target, until next year...

Oh the times I've walked through your doors to pick up toothpaste and a card, and walked out $60 later with a cute new clutch, a dress from the clearance aisle, 2 boxes of Velveeta Shells and Cheese for $5 (even though they're normally $2 each... ) and that revolutionary new mascara that swears it will lengthen AND volumize, and not smear or run... If that is what the test market proved... then I'm the .5% they stipulate just can't be helped.

Well, farewell Target. It's been a good run. I have to imagine you've gotten enough out of me for the last 15 years, you probably won't even notice I'm gone. It took a lot to keep driving past that new facade and the cherry red signs beckoning me to try out your new produce department, after I've successfully perused through your always tempting clothing section, housewares, and .99 section...

In this case, it really is me, not you.  Maybe in a few months I'll test my willpower and walk through without buying anything, but for now, it's just too hard. 

Annie's $60

...and into the first turn

In my inbox. From my Dad. Totally Free. Totally Awesome.

I told her hello on a great fall day 
You’re Ann you know 
And you’ve come to stay
I know I’m Ann she said with a grin
I’d love to stay if you'll have me in 
I promise to please and I’ll be prim
I’ve a lot to do shall we begin? 
We walked together she and I 
We shared a big Montana sky
A favorite book and a passage too 
We laughed I cried ..and both of us knew
a lot of years but way to few
A mind so quick a heart so strong 
Like a thorough bred winning its first furlong
She chomped at the bit raring to go 
Now dad she said… “you gotta let go.”
I dried my eyes as this wonder went
Out the gate just hell bent
I can’t forget that last fall day
I just remember what she had to say
“I promise to please and I’ll be prim
I’ve a lot to do….gotta begin…bye dad”