The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

better website title... would cost me...

So I could get a better website domain name... but it would cost me $17 a year. Kinda goes against the whole idea of not buying anything new for a year huh... ha. Guess I'll stay right here :)

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  1. Hey smiley! Use GoDaddy or for your web domain - they should be less than $10/year. I get the nonewpurchasesforayear thing but you DESERVE a real domain, not "xyz.blogspot." I bet if you yap enough about work in your blog the folks at Competitor might toss you a ten dollar bill for it.

    Silly advice from a friend at (No, I wasn't reimbursed for my domain name. Probably because I don't have Victoria's Secret archive products under my sink here in FLA. :)