The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

The Sassy Six

Every year six of us from college go on a girls trip. They're inevitably ridiculous, hard to plan, and even harder to explain to the free world. Regardless of what actually takes place during the weekend, I tend to be the sap who wants to make traditions, get all sentimental, and usually write a long love letter explaining how much they all mean to me, which I usually end up reading out loud, and crying (I worry they wouldn't get the inflection right if I didn't read it the way it was meant to be heard)...

And then they're are the gifts. Not "gifts" like presents, but meaningful treasures. At least that's how I imagine how it all plays out in my mind. This year, with my nothingnewforayear idea I started looking through the cupboards.

In the midwest we're raised that any situation can be made right or better with food. Preferably homemade, with real butter, and if baked, delivered warm. Ok, well we were all flying from around the country and so warm pie wasn't going to make it this time...
-However I could ensure some "cheerio" dispositions with some Fruity Cheerios I had in the pantry. Delish.
-Expressing how much I "care"d for them was easy with Care Bear Gummies. (random I know-from TriRock Annapolis care packages)
-To ensure we had plenty of "Power" for the weekend some PowerGel Blasts with caffeine. (Thank you triathlon training)

Throw in some Trader Joe's paper bags and here's what you get...

The snowflakes were actually part of the decor on the bag. The adornments were cut out of a magazine. Ribbon was leftovers. This was just one of them. The fun thing about using what you have is that no two are alike :)

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