The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

A dress for Success :)

Lisbon Portugal. 
One of the coolest cities I've never been to!

This weekend I was in New Orleans preparing mentally not to cry when I saw my firefighting marathoners... 

There was the whole... avoid the Beignets at every turn because I gave up sweets for Lent...

And since there was a bit of a wind/tornado issue in the south I was working on keeping my dress down as I paraded through the streets in my traditional Portuguese dress... yes my traditional Portuguese dress.

The Mayor of Lisbon came into town and brought me this beautifully handcrafted dress to wear as I presented my "book report" on Lisbon. I was hoping that if I did a good job I might get to cross the pond and see it first hand.

Well I haven't received my final grade yet... but I can tell you the two ladies who won a free trip to run the race and visit Portugal would probably give me an A+... although I did make them pinky swear they'd wear the same dress to run the race.

So the good news is... I have a brand new dress... bad news is... I have a brand new dress...
I'm not giving away my swim cap dress... but let me know if there's another one you've had your eye on :)

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  1. I know this guy who snores, he toots and looks around like "Hey! What was that?!!", he likes to hump, eat non stop, run around in circles and best of all take naps with his tongue out. I could be talking about Fitz, but I'm not. He could be a loaner! -for someone that misses her Fedi :(