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Nostalgia - prescription for happiness?

Nostalgia: a yearning for the past... (read further along in the wikipedia page...)

Nostalgia might be seen as a natural anti-depressant, providing motivation.

Providing motivation? I couldn't agree more. Sometimes I do feel like I have to be reminded to live in the moment because I just love going back in time. But there certainly is some dopamine released in the brain and the instant smile that appears as I travel back is a positive. 

Certainly is a better remedy than prescription drugs... wouldn't you say? According to the stats we are a society that has more people on anti-depressants than anywhere else, we also have an obesity epidemic, but according to the side of the packaging there's less sugar than there used to be! I think the world should spend more time being Nostalgic and less time popping pills... who's with me?? :)

Whether it's seeing Joey McIntyre out running, Jem on the side of a truck, hearing a song from my senior year spring break or walking through the grocery store...

It's really that easy.
I almost didn't recognize the new packaging. I suppose it's about saving money. Individual berry presses are a little more pricey :) The flavor is the same however...

Good thing... because I gave up sweets for Lent. Cereal... no matter how sugary it is, does NOT count as sweets. It's the only way I'll make it through so humor me. 

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