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Swimwear... Old doesnt float

It's spring break around the world... I know this because the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel is teeming with scantily clad college kids who have clearly spent the last few months indoors... and are rearing to have a good time in the 74 and sunny weather here.
As much as I don't really want to join the madness I'm watching from my window... It is a cruel reminder that I couldn't, even if I did.
During a particularly generous moment last summer I gave away a plethora of swimsuits I wasn't really utilizing. Most of them brand new! There was a red and purple polka dot suit from Victoria's Secret that didn't quite translate from Elle McPherson to Ann Wessling. There were some especially awesome ones I'd acquired after I produced a show with Paula Hermanny and her line ViX. But again, didnt exactly flatter the less endowed...And so I was left with my one pieces from TYR and one bikini I picked up in high school from Wal Mart. No joke.

As you can imagine, none of those are fit for a pool party in Vegas. Some might argue they're not really fit for anywhere! Ha

Yes, I'm aware I could find one that's old, per se, but there is a line...

Now that spring is upon us... I've been taunted by that darned Elle McPherson once again, and all her other cronie "angels" as they arrived in my mailbox the other day. And as much as I wanted to toss them in the recycling... I May have browsed a little and of course this year is the year the designers finally thought about us girls who may need a little more "pick me up" ... If you know what I mean.

June 1 will see more than just some conditioner purchasing... I've dog eared a few pages and I'll be narrowing it down...81 days...And hopefully I'll be able to smudge the line between Elle and Ann ;) wishful thinking... But the ads are pretty convincing... Lol

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