The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

old stuff rocks.

I buy new things now, and I still don't like it. RARELY do I buy something at full price, but when I do it's still such a let down. I know the world has to make money and thats how it all works, but I gotta tell you, most of the things I purchase new aren't so great. 

 For example. Before the holidays I was looking for some festive decor that didn't inflate, needed scaffolding to affix or that looked too cheesy... Easier said than done. Insert a thank you to my friends at Pinterest who show me everyone else's good ideas and then I get to steal them for myself. I saw someone had taken an old sled and propped it up by their front door and it looked great. Of course, it's the "inter web" and that means it's public information for not only me but the other 6 billion people of the world. Old sleds would be a challenge. By the grace of God, I walked into my favorite little thrift store and lo and behold... there it was

it goes nicely with the old golf clubs...

And... yesterday we found this little gem..

Pretty neat that we didn't even realize what a little collection we had started. 

And then. Like an idiot. I went out and bought a brand new soap dispenser...

yep. that's a crack... and crap. 

It's now a rule. Thrift stores must be checked FIRST.
(quality must be good not just price)

Maybe this blog should be 



I suppose since I'm trying to LOVE more this year... I should go with 

WAIT until you see the jacket I found the other day... 
"I wear your grandma's clothes..."


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  1. Welcome back! I also curbed my appetite for new things living overseas. Now that I am back in America I'm having a hard time adapting to this buy-buy-buy culture again. Even so, I feel like I constantly have my credit card out here. Anyhoo, thanks for the update :)