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Annapolis by recommendation

This weekend I was in Annapolis Maryland for the Land Rover TriRock Annapolis Race
Not only did I debut a new swim cap dress - which was made from a box of leftover swim caps and a very long skirt I picked up from the thrift store... 

but I also was given a good "roadmap"for a proper weekend spent in the city that houses the US Naval Academy. 

So we were by default by the Naval Academy because that's where our event was... and it was beautiful... but on to the "painkiller" at Pussers. 
The most interesting part of this restaurant/bar was that the outside bar is dockside - without any fences. I asked the police crew helping us with the race how many people go in every year (there is a ladder) and they said about... one. What!? lol they must be so much better behaved than I imagined. It's almost guaranteed that if I spent too much time there I would definitely find myself doing a cannon ball into the water - especially after a few more Painkillers. ha
But I managed to behave - this time.

Then ironically enough I met up with a few friends and they took me to Sly Fox... it was like they knew!

And when I went back to the docks to help sticker our transition area... look what this young man had waiting for me. The last piece of pizza from Mangia. 

And last but not least... it wasn't on the list... but catching the sunrise at City Docks, should be added.

A weekend to remember without spending a dime - except on a couple of stops to Jimmy John's... and Starbucks :)

I don't think keeping up not buying anything new for a year in some aspects will be that hard. In fact I think it's just re-trained my brain to go back to the way I was raised. Some things I WILL go back to buying! ha. 

Although I'll think twice... The bathroom cabinets just look so much nicer when they're not cluttered!

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  1. I love that you got to check out my old stomping grounds! My 20's just wouldn't have been the same without downtown Annapolis :)