The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Puzzling puzzles

I should have known...
There isn't much more exciting to 2nd graders than going to an amusement park... certainly not puzzles :)

We put the puzzle together and I flipped it over... and she just looked at me. 
I asked her what it said, my fault, I don't have the best handwriting, so she struggled a bit. When she finished... I was beaming. She smiled and asked if we could do another one...

We did. We had a lot of fun. Stayed up late...
And the next day she cried when she found out her sisters had been to the amusement park while we had been at her little retreat... but I'm holding steadfast that someday she'll think our puzzle and our day together was cooler... ? ha

Even though I don't think she fully grasps it now, I hope that in years to come, she'll think back fondly.
Until then. It will hang in her room, our secret veiled behind Alice's Wonderland.

We just took clear contact paper and put it on the backside . That way when you take the back off the picture you can see it, but only then. It's kind of neat, knowing we have our own little secret message. Maybe neater for me than for her :) 

I guess the secret is out... but if you ever get a puzzle from me - the real puzzle will be... what it REALLY says :) 

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