The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso


I take it back... 

I've avoided Target like the black plague since I decided to try and not buy anything new for a year.
For obvious, unnecessary, but hard to quell... $60 purchases. 
I even managed to have my doctor elongate my prescriptions so that I wouldn't have to walk in there every month to get my Thyroid medicine. Yes I have hypothyroidism. One of the worst the medical team had ever seen... but I won't bore you with that... back to Target.

I hadn't been in Target in 3 months...
I went in to pick up my prescription the other day and since June 1st is knocking at my door, I thought I'd just take a gander through the store - mainly the women's clothing section. For the first time in quite some time, I didn't just beeline my way to the pharmacy and then high tail it out of there for fear of breaking down... and I'm not quite sure if what I'm feeling is elation or fear or a mix of both. 

You see....
At a very young age I found a pair of Neon yellow/green pants at a thrift store with my mom. They were a size 12 - adult women's size 12. Now, although I have a hypothyroid problem, severe weight gain was not one of my symptoms. Size 12 was about 12 sizes too big when I was 10 and about 10 inches too long. That being said, they were the most splendid pair of pants I had ever laid eyes on. My mother didn't even say no. The expression on her face uttered disgust. 
She wanted frilly pink dresses and lacey fold over socks. My father wanted pleated plaid skirts, peter pan collars and after that a nice black and white outfit provided by the "nunnery"...

Appealing to her "skills" and her "talents" I utilized what I'd seen my father do countless times, almost always to positive outcomes...
 After a heartfelt, probably over dramatic and paired with my best puppy dog eyes I made my plea... and convincing her she could make these pants fit me... like only SHE could. (blink blink)

With one giant grin on my face and one giant roll from her eyes...we went home and got to work. After cutting almost half of the fabric away, and a few under her breath utterings, she had worked her magic. I think more than anything, her biggest concern with these pants was that if she did indeed make them fit me, I would indeed wear them... in public.

Mothers know best :)

Much to her sprouted an obsession with neon colors I just haven't been able to (or ever wanted to) break. Thrift stores around the country have been scoured in search of anything neon - especially umbros - and until recently it was only thrift stores where I could find these little jewels. American Apparel started carrying more neon a few years ago, but having found most of my neon wear at less than $5 - I had a hard time paying full price. 

Well... as luck would have it - the world has embraced Neon once again. 
As I slowly approached the women's section at Target my heart started fluttering as the brightness of what appeared to be neon was getting brighter and brighter. Sure enough, Target, has jumped in head first to the world of neon. 

even leggings! 

I had said there wasn't much I missed, not much I was ready to run out and buy. 
Well I was wrong. 

If only because it might be another 20 years before neon is back!
I will be making a trip to Target to purchase some very "necessary" neon clothing. 
Talk about money well spent :)

By the way. 
Neon is Eon with an N for nifty. 
And Eon... well I can only hope "neon" lives up to it's namesake - see definition below. 

e·on also ae·on  (nn)
1. An indefinitely long period of time; an age.

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  1. we were born in the wrong households. my mom wanted me in overalls, and probably would have been fine with neon. i wanted nothing but frilly pink dresses and lacy foldover socks.