The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

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I don't know about you but I always seem to have a pile of stuff set aside to let my friends go through, send to my nieces or give to the Goodwill. Sometimes I change my mind (tsk tsk) and so my procrastination pays off! 

Fast Forward....A good friend of mine gave me the cutest apron. 
So cute, it actually hangs on display in my kitchen and rarely gets worn. Silly I know, but I just love the way it looks. When I think about gifts for other people I try and think about the things I have that I really love and imagine if said recipient might want something I find useful or awesome too. Well.... who doesn't need an apron? 
(I tend to wipe my hands on my pants or whatever I'm wearing, terrible habit, so I know I need one, and apparently so did my friend.)

The other day I was having a hard time cutting some of my favorite fabric in hopes of turning it into an apron.
 (this is common... and stupid I know)

When I spied the Goodwill pile I took a closer look. It turns out an old dress shirt was already scalloped on the bottom, with cute buttons down the front and so the idea hatched. 

Cutting the shirt apart was by far the hardest part. I didn't want to have to go back and sew what I had already undone. 
 (because I don't have a sewing machine which means all sewing would have to be done by hand with a needle and thread)

Here's where being a little smarter would come in handy... I probably pondered and imagined each and every way to make this work with the least amount of work. 

Some people have said I'm so simple I'm difficult. 

It's true. 

I even tried using the sleeves as the part that you tie around your waist. But you know what that looks like? and old shirt tied around your waist :) lol

Well after a lot of agonizing, and screwing up one shirt that wasn't particularly cute (white), I cut the beloved purple shirt. 

I used the collar from the white one and sewed it and the ribbon by hand and voila! 

I think a mens shirt wouldn't mind living it's next life tied around a little ladies waist... especially when it's helping to make some food :) 

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