The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

"Thank You"

A big Thank You to snail mail.

A few years ago I found myself writing to my dad on some beautiful hotel stationary. Stationary... that rarely exists in hotel rooms these days. 

It spawned a tradition of writing to my dad from whatever "hotel stationary"
 (open to interpretation these days...sometimes the size of a post-it note) 
I find in my hotel rooms. 

He never responded. Months of writing, almost every weekend. 
My mother assured me he was receiving them and putting them away in a box. 

And then it was my birthday. 
In the mail I saw a card from my parents, and then one from just my dad. 
Inside was a book of stamps, and nothing else. 
It was his way of telling me to keep writing. 

I was elated. 

Hand written notes have become almost non-existent... I suppose the timeliness of emails, text messages, Facebook messages, etc make for faster communication but I still love a letter, in the mail...

So... in addition to the sad state of "hotel stationary" these days... 
I make stationary (cards), and I write in them. 

I made this as a gift. A set of 6 homemade thank you cards. 
Some plain cardstock paper and remnants of whatever I have in the pile. 

Maybe it's my wishful thinking that someday they will be used and the person writing will slow down, choose words carefully and write them with love, and in return....
 the person opening up the mail box, assuming it's filled with more flyers to throw away and bills to pay... 
will feel a little bit of the same thoughtful sentiments that were used to create them and write in them. 

Such. A. Sap.

All you need is love... and stamps. 


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