The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Pinterest fail = easy win :)

Time has it's way of sucking me in. I've been known to hide out and read an entire book in one day, even if I should be doing other things. An entire season of Downton Abbey also hooked me and there went one day,  and the next day (you can't stop after just one... hello season two). 

So it's no surprise that when I hear people talk about Pinterest and how easily they lose track of time looking at the cool things you can make, I even hesitated putting that word in my vocabulary. 

But like all good things, eventually, curiosity got this cat. 

The next thing you know I was convinced my house "needed" a wreath made of old book pages. I may have also known my mother was coming to visit and if you know her, you know that if you don't give her something to do, she'll either iron everything you own, including napkins, pajamas and always the center pleat down ALL of your pants... 

So... I tend to have projects ready for her... hoping my underpants don't end up starchy and stiff. 

A wreath of Rosettes made  out of book pages sounded like a good task.

 Fairly time consuming and yet relatively simple and easy. Well... you should also know that we both have a little attention deficit problem. So after a few hours of making these, several burnt fingers on hot glue and the fine print that read we would likely need 200 of these things... the 50 or so we did get made... got put in a box and put away. 

Bleaching something, anything, was more gratifying for her and felt more productive... 

And so the roses sat. 
And sat.
And sat. 

Until... several months (maybe a year + later) when the Pinterest bug got me, likely thanks to someones Facebook post, and a huge FAIL at the original Pinterest project...  a use for these roses was born. 

Glue a magnet on the back. (also in a box waiting for the right time)
and Voila...

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