The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

for the love of food...

The joys of eating. 
I've been telling you how much I've come to really appreciate food in the last couple of months and I think this picture kind of sums it up. 

A friend sent this to me, with the caption that when there are camera's around you're never safe! ha
This was taken at a very nice dinner party in Las Vegas this winter and clearly I was unaware the photo was being taken, but it also goes to show just how candid and real my love for food is :) 

That being said, I've also become well aware of just how wasteful people, myself included, have become of food. As I cleaned out my refrigerator the other day it was obvious that although my good intentions of filling the "crisper" drawers with lots of fresh fruits and veggies was good... throwing a lot of it away at the end of the week, is not. 

I'm sure there are arguments about the numbers, but from the little bit of talking to other people and watching our own household... I know I can do better. That means there will be days when I eat things I don't necessarily "want"... but there's a quote in our house I'm reminded of daily
Ann... "food is fuel". 

Some people have asked what I'll do come June 1st... and although there will be some purchases made... namely conditioner... I think it might be worthwhile to focus my attention on not wasting food. The other day I was having a conversation with a girl about how in a lot of foreign countries you're considered very wealthy if you have enough money to buy "extra" food that can be kept in your freezer.
 Shoot... sometimes I even throw freezer items away because they've gotten freezer burned! Talk about insult to injury. 

I've started to implement it more in recent days - and sometimes dinner gets a little "interesting" but it's still food on your plate when you're hungry which is more than  a lot of people get. 

Either way, this whole not being wasteful thing really has to become a bigger part of every facet of my life, not just toiletries and furniture. What do they say... it takes 21 days to form a habit? Well I figure if I've spent 251 on not buying anything new - it should be a nicely cemented habit by now... So I'm going to throw it into the mix. 

Everything in moderation :) 

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