The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

when it snows... it rains?

What do you call those rubber boots you wear so you're feet get wet... if it's not technically "raining"?

I like the sound of "rain boots" but maybe they should just be called "wet boots".
Anyone who lives where there is snow knows that it's not necessarily just rain you need them for... it's when the snow melts and is forming rivers and ponds in unlikely places... like right outside your door as you park in the parking lot... 
You've been there. When you can't decide whether you should re-park (which in Southern California isn't always an option) or just risk it, jump it, climb out the passenger door...

My point is that I made my way to the thrift store with no intention of finding rain boots, I was actually looking for a picture frame - when... they found me. 

Seriously... When can you pass up a sweet pair of Eddie Bauer bright green rain boots?

Well as I stomped around the store imagining all the puddles I was going to conquer... I found these!!!

Yes... they are made of rubber. I promise. and not just the soles or the boot - all of it. It's a rain boot. An honest to Pete, Zebra striped pair of rain boots. 

People keep asking me... aren't you saving sooo much money... Well... ha!

Now I've created another dilemma - which pair to wear? 

Of course this means... I'm headed to the closet to spread the love!

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