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paint - or no paint

Ok, so I've been looking for a neat desk, preferably in white, or to paint white. 
Last night I found a pretty sweet table. It's not exactly a "desk" but when I mean "desk" I guess I really mean table because I tend to need  a lot of space. ADD folks have to be able to see everything or else we forget we have it - or maybe that's just my bad memory... whatever. Either way, I've been scouring Craigslist, the free section first, and then for "desk" - although I found more luck looking under "table"... but tables/desks aren't cheap and most of them are that awful, cheap looking, fake wood stuff. And the ones that are real wood and awesome are pretty expensive.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I popped into a thrift store yesterday and found a sturdy, all wood, table for $40. It definitely needed some TLC but it had a great foundation. 

I couldn't wait to get started. Stopped off at Lowe's on my way home to pick out my paint, and if it hand't been night and the neighbors would have assaulted me with Lord knows what, I would have worked all night. Considerate of my neighbors I got some good sleep and started bright and early.
Armed with electric sander in hand I started on my new project. 

Plan: Sand it down, paint it up.

But here's my problem... I got it all sanded down... and now I'm torn. It's a beautiful table... should I really paint it - or am I just emotionally attached now that I've spent about 3 hours wearing a face mask and goggles sanding every square inch of this sucker. 

I need some opinions. I'm not even sure what kind of wood it is, but I sure think it's pretty. 
Paint - or not to Paint?

Here's a closeup of the wood.

it even has this cool detail on the ends

I imagined something like this originally



  1. No paint!! It is perfect the way it is!

  2. Depends on where and how you had planned to use it. If the color scheme of it's new home is white with pops of color like your inspiration picture, then you need to paint it. If leaving it natural (with a clear finish to protect the wood) won't mess up your decorating theme, then I would sand a bit more on the top and finish it off with urethane.

  3. I'd put a slight stain on it to bring out the look of the wood and leave it as is!

  4. What a great find! Beautiful table. Like Bill said, a little more sanding, light stain if you want and urethane finish. It's a lot of work, though. But the results will be beautiful.