The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

European Easter Bunny

I gave up sweets for Lent. 
Lent ended on Easter Sunday - 40 days later. 
I flew to Edinburgh Scotland on Monday. 

Hello Cadbury....

I selected only one if you can believe it. 
The KitKat Crunch... with Caramel. Didn't want to overdo it! ha

I may have augmented it with one of my other all time favorite things in Europe

Fanta tastes dramatically different here. Its more like San Pellegrino than it is soda. It must be made with a different sugar. I really prefer it in a can... but I couldn't resist. 

My thrift store rain boots are going to come in quite handy this week. Supposed to be lots of rain, but I suppose that's how it stays so green and beautiful! 

I thought at first it might be kind of silly... but everyone and I mean everyone wears rain boots here. It's a necessity. Tomorrow is going to be castle day! Pretty sure we might run into Kate Middleton. I hope she's wearing her rain boots too! ha

Sorry this one is so short and not that exciting....
I actually have to work while I'm here so I have to squeeze a lot of Scotland as a tourist in... in a few days!

Rock n Roll Edinburgh Half Marathon anyone???
Pretty good way to blow off some steam after doing your taxes :)

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