The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Wet Wellies and wonderful food!

Each day has started a little wet, been fairly sunny, and then rainy at night.
Just to be sure... I've been wearing my Wellies. 
I gotta tell ya... could be one of the most "useful" thrift store purchases I've ever made. 

DAY #1

DAY #2

and just in case there was any doubt about how much "work" i'm doing... ha
I also managed to polish off an entire pizza by myself tonight. Now that's work!

Oh and did I mention we did Karaoke last night? Apparently they're not big country fans around here :)
My Miranda Lambert "Gunpowder and Lead" only got a few laughs when I got to the chorus... ha
But you know I got home safe and dry thanks to my big green boots. 
They kind of help me camouflage into the terrain. It's so green here!
Little do they know what lies beneath... ha

Then headed over to stuff goody bags for the Rock n Roll Edinburgh Half Marathon with some local high school kids. What a hoot! They really like Lucky Charms... and they can't get it here. I asked if we could make a deal? Lucky charms for Fanta in a can...

We were getting so hungry stuffing and of course we started talking about McDonalds, and In-N-Out and Chick-fil-a and they asked if I liked Jaffa cakes? 

That's on my list to try tomorrow. 
My rule is I have to try one new food everyday. 
Yesterday I had a Double Decker candy bar - pretty good.... 

 and today I tried two different kinds of "crisps" or chips. One flavor was Steak and Onion and the other was Prawn Cocktail. Good!

"What did you do while you were in Scotland Ann?"
Well... I tried every kind of junk food they had!" 

Oh and last night we ate Sea Bass - with the head on! at The Outsider - delicious. 

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