The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Free upgrade? close enough!

I'll tell you what money can buy you. 
A big beautiful pod. Where you can stretch out, lay down and sleep comfortably on international flights. Don't worry, Jeff Smisek, President of United Airlines told me all about these wonderful new seats for 5 long minutes, as I sat crunched in my economy seat towards the back... As if I didn't notice them on my walk back to row 38. 

Money will buy you that... a lot of money, but sometimes it's worth it... if you can afford it. 

About $600 will buy you the experience of walking past those seats ranging from $2,000-10,000 to your economy seat - in the middle of the Boeing 777.
Sure they offer movies on demand, good ones even.
And TV shows, and you can even make you're own playlist for the long trip.

But sitting down in those small seats with your knees pressed up against the seat in front of you, shoving your few important belongings into the seat back pocket in front of you, creating even more of a cramped space, just praying that the person next to you had the decency to shower, maybe even apply a little deodorant before the flight, is not exactly the most relaxed way to begin a 10 hour journey inside a tube hurling through space reprocessing air... and I'm a good flyer! ha

Luckily for me I actually enjoy the feeling of being trapped in small spaces, and most of the airplane food I've had has been pretty good. I also love the chance to talk to people.
 Within the first 10 minutes I knew the lady next to me had been coached in intramural college soccer by Jon Stewart. She was traveling home after visiting her niece and was pretty excited to watch the movie the Iron Lady. She would also be enjoying the vegetarian dish...

I smiled because I had been afforded the opportunity to travel abroad for "work" and so putting up with a little cramped travel seemed like a reasonable trade off.

Rock 'n' Roll Edinburgh Half Marathon

I'd already spoken with the flight attendants and pilots, prodding them into helping me show the 2nd graders back in Iowa that Flat Stanley was on a great adventure
and I assured them that I would not pull a Kristen Wiig from Bridesmaids (unless they wanted a little excitement... :)
hilarious scene #1
hilarious scene #2
And maybe that karma played into what happened next.

The flight attendant approached me and said that the flight wasn't going to be full.
And that by some divine intervention... I would be allowed to move up to the middle cabin and have a row all to myself...

That's right. I arrived at my United economy seat fully prepared to spend the next 10 hours in less than roomy conditions...only to find that the plane was unbelievably empty and that I could have an entire row... just for me.
 Did I mention I had a really great book (Unbroken)... and a dream travel partner? (Flat Stanley) He's a great listener ;)

This is us all stretched out in our 3..."economy" seats... just hanging out. Excuse the hair. It was a long trip with a lot of rain and putting hair up becomes the norm. Flat Stanley on the other hand was looking rather dapper... although he did require a few staples to keep him pulled together. 

The food was pretty good.
 I used all three pillows and blankets that were in our "row" and made a nice little bed... and I laid down and slept for a few hours.
Key words... "laid down"

If that wasn't enough... they served us ice cream.

Did I mention I had an awesome book to read?
Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand

I'll tell you what money can't buy you...
The emotional high... of moving your few possessions from the seat back pocket in front of you into the seat back pockets... plural in your own row that you didn't have to pay a dime for... Laying down after a big trip and waking up to the sound of a very nice flight attendant asking you if you'd like another ice cream... for Flat Stanley of course :)

Did I mention I came home to these???


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