The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

me vs. marketing

Everyday I wake up to emails from various retailers....
 They like to remind me I only have a few more days to save 20% at Bed Bath and Beyond, or Snapfish is offering me penny prints.
I considered "Rent the Runway" for a dress to wear to the Endurance Live Awards, and now they suggest renting an entire week of dresses! 

Upon the whole nothingnewforayear idea it crossed my mind to unsubscribe to these emails so that temptation wouldn't eat at me daily from my inbox - in addition to the newspaper flyers, tv commercials, radio commercials....oh what the heck I thought.
Maybe it's best to be taunted and tempted, and learn how to walk away. 

Well, after 10 months of email blasts I've found a new purpose for them.
Educational tools.
Since magazines are on the "illegals" list, I only get a quick run through while I'm at other peoples houses, sometimes at the airport or the other day at the Vet.
(Although they were all really old so that doesn't help)

For example... I got one this morning from Victoria's secret. They were advising me on their favorite tops for the season. Instead of cursing under my breath because if I fall in love with one I can't have it...
Now, I open up the email and cruise through their stuff with an open mind.

Then... I think about my already existent and paid for wardrobe, and inevitably, something kind of falls into that same category... And... it's my size!
no returns, no exchanges, or the shipping charges.

Now, if you ask my college girlfriends, they would assure you that just because something is "in" doesn't mean I will wear it anyway, which does make it easier for me than it does some.

They made me well aware that I looked "frumpy" and "lame" running on the Woodway treadmills in the back of the gym in my old school Umbros and baggy shirts... while they wore  matching tank tops and short cotton "Sofie" shorts expressing their love for our beloved "Hawkeyes" on their butt while jogging on the fan, stereo, calorie counting treadmills in front of the mirrors. 

For me it was function. It was my prime. I was cranking out 7 or 8 miles in the hour we were there (and protecting my knees and joints) while they put in an easy 3 and then hit the tanning beds and flirted with the boys. Not to mention the chance to run on Woodway treadmills was something I wasn't going to waste... in the winter... in Iowa.

For me, Umbros and baggy shirts didn't rub, they didn't ride up, and what did I care. I was a sweaty red mess afterwards anyway. Not exactly in a position to land a date...
My rationale was they'd find a way to get in touch when they saw my name in the paper for winning some amazing athletic event... and then we'd talk.
Hey - college is a time to dream! ha

Anyway... Now I peruse through the emails to keep up to date on what is "in" 
(Sometimes I say - well it's about time! and other fashions... well I shake my head in amazement)

 It's a good excuse to pull out some oldies. 
They say you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time. Well, if you don't really buy a lot of new stuff, but hang on to the the "quality" old stuff - it comes back around. And if you're really feeling behind and you like the new styles, make some mental notes and hit a thrift store. 

The beauty of the internet is that you can justify your style. It may not be Victoria's or Jessica's but I guarantee there are other people out there who love your outfit choices as much as you do... and if you can't find anyone - it's ok. I've only got this 5'8, blond hair, blue eyed, really tan, C cup girl who can run a 1:30 half marathon in my mirror on my team :)

For those of you who wondering if i'm being extremely arrogant right now...
I was just re-measured at the doctor at 5'5.
I have brown eyes.
I'd rather my cup size stay between me and 10 year old niece who I share clothes with...
I'm Norwegian and Dutch...
And I only broke 2 hours in a half marathon once...


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