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My dark (chocolate and sea salt) secret

I can't seem to escape it. Even at the airport!
The one on the right says Salted Carmel Mocha Frappuccino. They traded "chocolate" for "mocha" but it's not like we're idiots... I get what you're trying to do...
If it's at Starbucks, it's going to be on every street corner, in every city, everyday until my scale tips 300 pounds... 

First it was those dark chocolate salted caramels from the restaurant Purple, in Seattle... I think I could lay sole blame there... I had to suffer through the delicous decadence of three whole pieces all by myself in June, and then AGAIN in July! They're like drugs... In fact... I still have 2 in my freezer at this moment... that feels good to get off my chest. I have no idea how I made it home without eating them but I did. The saddest part of this story however is that... I am so mad for these little buggers that I can't stand the thought of ever being denied them... I flew them 1,254 miles back to my home... for my own peace of mind!

But it didn't stop there....then it was dark chocolate almonds with sea salt from Trader Joes. I was so grateful I couldn't find them  at a TJ's close to my house... until the other day. They're hidden back by the wine... also not fair. 

I stopped frequenting that section because my self control around these things is embarrassing. 

But these!!! they put these suckers right at the checkout!

Then... it was my birthday. What do you get a girl who is trying not to accumulate more "stuff" but for whom food is fine...?

My name is Ann and I have a dark chocolate and sea salt addiction... I pray it's not contagious. Mom, you should pray too...

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  1. Hello from Bogota, Colombia Ann!

    Oh man, you mentioning those Fran's sea salt caramels was a bad baaaaad thing... Bought some of those in Seattle back in April. Why oh why did I just have to read your blog post while here at the office on a cold and rainy Bogota day when a nice capuccino and single (or two,or three, or four) of those caramels would have brought me a little heaven? Ann, you're the DEVIL! ;)

    Best wishes always,

    PS We also went to Purple Bar but never saw them on the menu. I wonder why...