The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Waxing and Waning...

So I bought something new today..
Go ahead... laugh away.

but here's the deal...they can't be bought used...
I'm sure you're all laughing, fully amused.

Eye hand coordination and team sports proved... not so much my forte...
My mom suggested I try individual sports, so the other kids could go and play.

A little, late, but a much better fit
I found something I wasn't awful at, and I was chompin at the bit.

Naively I jumped in the middle lane
clearly unaware that although my mind was willing... I was in foreign terrain

200 warm up, the coach would yell
How far is one lap?? I hoped they would tell

I was not very good,  I hardly knew any strokes
but those Catholic's...they give everyone a chance... silly folks :)

4 years later and the team hadn't been able to shake me
and to their surprise, and by the grace of God I'm sure... I even swam Varsity!

But amidst the chlorine and early morning breakfasts, dry-land workouts, and those cracker shaped goldfish
My ears were screaming...keep the water out! it's our only wish!

I finally uncovered this stuff called wax...
it's about as amazing as words passing through phone lines and printing out as a fax!

But wax goes bad - don't you know
and you can't buy it used - i'm sure the Docs would agree that's a no no

So I confess 
I made a small purchase.


What's that.... you've never had an earache...???
Well why don't you just go throw your self in a cold lake! 


  1. I have never used earplugs. And I swim in Rockport :)

  2. i was on a swim team, and i never used ear plugs either. or in the lakes of florida and tennessee. suck it up. (kidding!)