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The Faceoff

Well... I may not have the pipes of Carrie Underwood or the dancing feet of Julianne Hough... but I too use Proactiv. (I'd also like to add that I am in no way endorsed or sponsored by Proactiv... yet :)

Ok, so here's my sob story... I'll make it quick.

Never had great skin, but I figure we all need a little pain in our life.
( My mom would probably claim it was how I was being punished for sneaking out, dating boys older than me, being a little too mouthy... you know, the usual teenager drama parents dread the moment your born and then suffer through from ages 12-30.)

Back to the point... I was a swimmer and contrary to popular belief that chlorine "dries up acne" mine actually got worse. Always looking to improve her daughters shortcomings
(she even convinced me once to get eyeliner tattooed on my eyes... and I got pink eye and looked like a freak until it faded away. Her response... well you look like a Holocaust survivor when you don't wear eye makeup and I worry you'll never find anyone willing to wake up next to you looking like that) 

she intervened again... this time with my skin.

So... one day a box is delivered to our house from Proactiv. She had ordered it off of one of their infomercials as her last ditch effort before she headed downstairs to start working on a lifetime supply of habits for my impending time at the convent... with the other nuns.

 I diligently scrubbed my face morning and night, watching closley as exactly 60 seconds passed by because that's what the bottle said. A few weeks in, it actually started working.

It's now been more than a few years... and I still use the cleanser. Do I still need it? I guess I don't really know... but I have a feeling I'll soon be well aware...

It's almost gone. I'd like to think I've grown out of that stage of my life, but I'm afraid it's not always that easy. Ironically enough the other face soap I have is also from her too... I guess we'll see whether it's her daily novena's sent to all the corresponding saints and the Big Guy... or the actual product that pulled my face out of it's pepperoni pizza looking state.

I guess we could call it "the Faceoff"... stay tuned.

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