The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Quarterly update

I'm a little surprised that the supplies haven't dwindled more. In an attempt to drag out certain, relished, products as long as possible, I have been integrating a regular switch out... perhaps that's why product levels are lower, but bottle numbers are still high. I feel like I'm on CNBC right now! ha

A few things I've learned... 

Heed the "Use sparingly" advice: 
the intensive conditioners... should not be used on a daily basis. Hair becomes too nourished and then just greasy. My mom has been sending me these for years... now I know why! ha

2 in 1 helps me a ton: 
Non moisture bar soap, contains no moisture. Therefore more lotion is required. Dove really does have more moisture... Noted.

White after labor day...ok, cinnamon in summer... not ok:
Certain lotions (pineapple, coconut scented) aren't really appropriate all times of the year... Sorry in advance if I attend your pumpkin carving party smelling like the caribbean. I did not adequately prepare and use up those lotions this summer...

Magazines make me depressed:
 I no longer wistfully stare at people in airports reading about Pippa's derriere or that Marigold is the new "in" color... I for one know Marigold is not my color anyway.

Write more... Key word "write":
Saving cards and repurposing them as postcards... has made me more inclined to keep in touch more frequently...and... the old fashioned way. I think it's appreciated :)

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