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Food for (Christmas) Thought...

So where I live, it's not actually beginning to look at all like Christmas... But it almost is.

This is something I've had a little anxiety about since this whole nothingnewforayear thing started.
My thoughts have gone from, the feeling that I really don't want other people suffering through homemade gifts just because of a choice I made this year... to - the reality that for most of the people in my life who I would normally give "gifts" to... they don't really NEED a lot... to the time honored homage that the holiday season isn't really, and shouldn't be focused on material gifts, but the gifts and opportunities and families we are all grateful for. 

With all that being said, it is tradition to give gifts and Lord knows I love traditions.
So... I've been paying close attention to my friends "needs" more than their "wants" if that makes sense and the only thing people really "need" to survive is food. (and water) right??
 Yes Mom, we also need love :)

Well good news... Food is in! Bad news, the food that travels well, are foods made with preservatives, ie, candy, baked goods, etc :)
 I think we can all agree we have plenty of holiday parties with trays of tempting sweets and most people usually find themselves with too much at the end of the holiday season. 

Of course during my research over the last few weeks Kim Kardashian decides to get a divorce. Big question arises... what will they do with all their gifts? According to Emily Post and the wedding etiquette teams around the world, if the marriage doesn't last a year, the gifts are supposed to be given back. Well it seems Kim K decided she'd rather donate to charities instead... I'd like to see the documentation on that one, but it did dawn on me that perhaps I could do the same...

I know this has become a new trend at weddings: 
in lieu of party favors we've taken that money and made a donation to a good charity, etc

I work a lot with the running community where a HUGE trend has people running to raise money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, Team Future, etc. 

Of course food is in the "ok" column right... so what if I donated to Food Banks on behalf of my friends?! 

It sounds ingenious! 


So here's the big question. 
Would you rather
1. Receive a package in the mail that has this imprint?

2. Receive notice that a donation to a food bank in your name has been given...


I'm really looking for some opinions... you can even remain anonymous or unanimous as my niece says! ha


  1. Donate donate donate!!! Soooo many people out there need food more than others need sweets!! Good for you, Ann!!

  2. Please donate a package of positive Pillsbury cookies to your local food bank in my name. =)

  3. Anne,
    I have iven gift certificates for Kiva or Heifer International to people. Then they get to pick who to "help". On Kiva the money you give is actually a loan to the person. You eventually get paid back and get to loan it to another person. It keeps on giving. Heifer Int. you get to pick whta type of livestock to give to help people. I really enjoy both. Check em out.
    Cousin Rachael