The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Striped Socks...

So I have a small obsession with tall socks. I'm not exactly sure when it started or why, but I have managed to incorporate it into part of my job... which justifies it. Thankfully. Only problem... no new socks this year. I have plenty, don't get me wrong, but I do love them. 
Since I haven't been "shopping" at retail stores in the past few months I haven't really been privy to what I've been missing... until today. 
I'm in Las Vegas for our Rock 'n' Roll Marathon this weekend and I was hungry. Started walking around the hotel for something to eat... and what do I find...

And this is only what could fit into the picture. All the walls were lined. 
Many scenarios went through my mind. 
These were the two most logical... 

1. It's a work expense... does it count?


2. What if I hit the black jack tables, made money I wouldn't have had anyway and used that... does it count then? (Presupposing I actually would win anything of course)



  1. it isn't "Nothing New for a Year (unless I really want it!"
    Stay strong, you're an inspiration.

  2. Using Star Wars lingo: "The Force is with you. Don't give in to the Dark Side."