The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Something's gotta go!

I sinned in Sin City! well... kinda
I was in Las Vegas this weekend working and apparently the dress I brought for the "Stiletto Dash" wasn't quite "Vegas" enough. 

Good news... or bad news is, they put someone else in charge of rectifying the situation. A few hours later I got word that a different outfit had been arranged for me... Gold and sparkly... the dress that is made with Vegas in mind! 

I was going to be accompanied by Brooke Burke for a little while and we all know what that means... you just try your best to not appear as an ugly stepsister - hard to do next to a woman like that but... thankfully most of the pictures turned out like this... Brooke in full view with a shot of the side of my head :) 

Heather Ford also came decked out in sparkly garb so I guess it's good someone was looking out for me and my lack of sparkles. 

What you can't see are the shoes I was lucky enough to wear...

The entire event was benefiting Opportunity Village - a local employer of people with disabilities and Operation Smile and... a 3rd grade teacher went home the big winner. Someone who can really benefit from an extra $5,000.

... of course this means one of my pairs of shoes and a dress must go. Unfortunately I don't think I own a pair of shoes that is of equal value but I'm going to rummage around and see what I can find that might add up! ha. wish me luck

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