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Collegiate Christmas Cookies

I have a sweet tooth. But it's a very specific sweet tooth. Most of the time I can scroll through a dessert menu and walk away... because to me, it's not even worth wasting the calories on half of it. 

I prefer, warm, doughy, gooey, chocolate or vanilla, usually no fruit and if possible... undercooked. 
Salmonella - been there done that, but never with dessert and I've eaten more dough than actual baked goods so the track record is looking good. 

That being said, there is one baked good I will devour in dough form and in baked form. My sister-in-laws sugar cookie recipe. I don't even really like sugar cookies, unless they are so soft they fall apart as you pick them up. I probably undercook them slightly but as far as I'm concerned, a snappy cookie is as good as trash. 

If I "overcook" (to the time the recipe calls for) and they turn out hard. I'd just as soon throw them away. It sounds wasteful, I know, a little hypocritical during this whole being less wasteful stuff, but I'm embarrassed to even GIVE snappy cookies away. Of course the irony is that some people prefer snappy cookies, and therefore there are probably just as many people who hate my super soft cookies. Well, my brother has turned my hair green via swirlies with 2,000 flushes blue, I suffered through bad teeth, braces, bangs, mullets, perms, an off handed comment from JuanPelota about my home state... so I think I can handle if you don't like my mushy cookies :)

That being said, I try to win hearts by personalization... ha so these were a few of the "Christmas" cookies I gave out this year.

I'm no Martha... but damn they taste good. 

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