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A clean fiend

Well if there was any doubt about running out of cleaning supplies this year... Please don't fret ;) anyone who knows my mother won't be surprised at this latest revelation...

As I was doing a little cleaning the other day it felt like I was playing a game of memory. I had a can of Pledge in my hand and I put it down somewhere. A few minutes later I was under the sink looking for something else and saw a can of Pledge. A little confused I peeked around the corner just to verify this wasn't the one I had just been using. Nope. I had two. And upon another sweep under the kitchen cabinet it turns out... I actually had three.

I took a deep breath and nodded my head... After some research it became obvious that much like my overflow of toiletries epidemic... There's a surplus of cleaning supplies at my house too. I'd like to place all the blame on Costco. But it's the holidays... So I'll blame my mother! Ha

After research and revelation... I have two and in some cases three of each cleaning solvent. Comet, Clorox Wipes Windex, toilet bowl cleaner, etc. enough to fill two laundry baskets... Mom... Wanna come "visit" ;)

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