The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

I confess... I Bathe(d)

Ok. so the rule was, no taking hotel toiletries out of the hotel. 


Not all hotel toiletries are created equal. 
These are particularly good smelling and quality goods.
I can promise you that the Holiday Inn Express in Brooklyn, did not offer the same amenities that THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay provided... On second thought, were there ANY toiletries at the Holiday Inn Express??

The same goes for overseas flights! Have you ever flown Emirates Airlines??? 
Me either! But I have a friend who after druling over his complimentary toiletry kit from his flight gave it to me... it was that impressive. That was also more than a year ago, but I still have the little cologne sample!

It comes with Bulgari fragrances for Pete's sake!

Anyway... I made an executive decision that this was one exception to the rule, especially considering the fact that I probably had to use up my own stuff at the Holiday Inn Express... right? 
The other clarification I'd like to make is that I only brought home what was left in the bottles, I did not rob the cart in the hallway for extra. 

Yes, I know that happens. I know that because, at the Lodge at Vail... they give out Haribo gummy bears with their daily cleaning and I've been a culprit of that offense. There. I said it. 

Someone also reminded me that I am the "boss" of this whole nothingnewforayear, but I've got a terrible Poker face and I knew it was bound to come out sometime. 

P.S. I was confessing this to one of my co-workers (who concurred my decision was justified
And she said La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, CA has hands down the best toiletries.... just FYI :)

Maybe we should start a hotel toiletries review board like Zagats... or Yelp...

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  1. Toiletries are in the GUILT-FREE ZONE. Enjoy the pleasant effluvia.