The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

"Glistening" or Greasy - either way it's in!

Does he look worried to you?

That's because he is...

As many of you know, I travel a lot for a living. 
My year of nothingnewforayear has been partially because of this travel, and most importantly the abundance of toiletries I had accumulated thanks to many hotel stays, but today I realized it's also the reason I was able to make it the last 8 months. 

As I squirted out the last of a tiny hotel shampoo bottle and made my way to the inventory basket to find it's replacement, I was surprised to find, I'm running dangerously low. 
As panic slowly gripped my airwaves, my brain kicked in (shocking... I know) probably sheerly out of survival mode and last 8 months flashed before my eyes. Thank you Hollywood for creating a scene we've all seen in the movies... the attack of an empty shampoo bottle...

During the holidays I wasn't traveling as much and so I've become painfully aware of how much I rely on hotel toiletries... Thankfully I was home for a few days - thank you mom for having a nice little array of options for me to indulge in while I was there... but reality has hit. Guess I'll be venturing more into the dry shampoo world... Haven't really dabbled much with that so if you see me in the upcoming days and something looks a little off - you'll know why.

And I thought conditioner was always going to be the problem!

Guess there's no better reason to hit the gym :) Free, crappy shampoo. Hopefully all my diligently saved conditioner will help... say a prayer.

P.S. According to Harpers Bazaar... "glistening" hair is in for Spring 2012 - the new buzz word for greasy? ha - maybe this all happened for a reason :)

See for yourself!
"Glistening hairstyles for 2012"

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