The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Made to a Tea!

So I've heard about the factory tour at Celestial Seasonings, but I finally had the chance to experience it first hand. The most talked about portion of the tour for most people is the mint room... It can be overwhelming for some, but I'm a smell person. If it were up to me, there would be no limit on how much perfume a person could wear... I even looked into putting a smelly thing you can buy at the store to put on your furnace filter to make your house smell good. 
The mint room was pretty awesome... but for me, it was this dress made from tea bags that really blew me away. 

Having made a dress myself out of an unlikely product (swim caps) I was very impressed. 

But this group took it to an entirely different level. It didn't stop at the dress. Heels covered in tea bags, a purse and a hat accompanied this fine piece of art. It made me feel like I had only scratched the surface of what I could do with more swim caps... 

I'm an incessant "googler" so naturally I got online to find out the whole story. Turns out, it wasn't just to see if they could make a dress out of tea bags, it was to help raise awareness for heart disease too... 
Maybe I should make another swim cap dress to raise awareness for swimmers ear? ha 
Either way... here's the whole story. Pretty impressive and inspirational. Stay tuned... :)


  1. Love it. I have a friend that made a whole dress out of Clif bars and wrappers and worked the Clif booth at expos in it. It was actually a pretty cute gettup.

  2. Nice rubber latex dress, sell it to:

    Regards from Germany
    Thorsten : )