The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

A simple lesson from a 7 year old...

If life seems too complicated, ask a kid...

The other day I was with my niece and we were making sugar cookies. I asked her to pick from the 20+ cookie cutters....just 4 we would use. I've done this too many times to know the more shapes, the more colors of frosting, the more complicated. And then... half, or more, of the cookies never get decorated.
Immediately, my own mind started racing, weighing her options. 
The heart is an easy one, the flowers are always pretty too... who uses a dinosaur? if we use the star and the flowers and the circle we can make yellow frosting which will work on all three, and then we can make red frosting for the hearts, and...

Long before I could have made "the most logical" choices...
She pulled out her four.
The dinosaur, the train, the teddy bear, and the apple?
Did I miss something?
Out of sheer curiosity I asked why, in my opinion, such an odd assortment. 

Her response: 
"I like dinosaurs and so does Libby (her sister)
I just rode on my first train. 
I already bought a toy and only got $1 back but I want to give something to grandfather. (Who just had surgery) I wanted to buy him a teddy bear but I don't have enough money left." 

She paused and I proposed, "and you picked the apple because Grandfather is a teacher?"
"No"... she responded...
"They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away....that's what he really needs"

Those moments... are always there, and free... if you ask... and listen :)

and to think I was worried about frosting colors and making them look "pretty". I'm pretty sure Grandfather (who's colorblind) couldn't see much through the big elephant tears anyway! ha

She's 7.

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  1. The innocence and purity of a child is a special thing. I'm glad I read this!