The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Oops... all berries :)

Food has taken on another value in the last 8 months. 
Not only is it my one outlet, it has made me so much more appreciative, nostalgic and ridiculous.

I love sweets, and it's no secret. But now that my indulgence is food, it has sort of taken on a new life. 
In college I used to have Twizzlers and Peanut M&M's almost all the time. 
(My rationale was - Twizzlers were a fat free food, and Peanut M&M's had peanuts in them!)

However, in order to keep consumption in check I would hide them from myself. 
(Most of you are probably laughing to yourself thinking... how can you hide them from yourself you idiot - that's your problem... while those of you who know me pretty well are probably aware of my terrible memory and can see how this worked)

I'll continue. 
So, for me, it actually worked pretty well. Out of sight out of mind. Then every once in awhile when I'd have a hankering for something sweet, it usually came to mind I already had some, and if I gave it a few minutes I 
A. Forgot where they were and the urge passed....
2. I'd remember and be pleasantly surprised. 

Well a few of my latest guilty pleasures have ventured past the usual Peanut M&M's and Twizzlers and now... thanks to all the research assuring me Dark Chocolate is good for me - I have found Dark Chocolate Mint M&M's.... I keep in the freezer. Achieving the "out of sight out of mind" principle as well as making them rather hard to chew so - I usually only have a few. Plus the mint makes a nice after dinner send off.

But the other day at the grocery store I came across something I have a real soft spot for. Normally I can cruise past the candy aisle - I honestly have a hard time actually picking up and then downing an entire snickers (although fun size sure are fun) but if I'm looking for a nice little treat - Fig Newtons are always a favorite of mine... and they're figs! 

Sorry back to the mental break down moment in the grocery store - it was the cereal aisle. This aisle always causes a bit of a mental battle for me. As a kid my mom didn't allow sugary cereals in the house. It was Raisin Bran, All Bran, Total, etc. NEVER Frankenberry, Trix, Lucky Charms or heaven forbid... Cookie Crisp. I know it's not good for you... all that sugar in the morning, afternoon or as a dessert but I do have a weakness for some Cartoon leading, sugar filled, brightly colored, marshmallow laden cereals...

So Imagine my surprise when I came across this...

Yes, that is the Cap'n himself... with all the berries, and no crunch... isn't that what we always dreamt of...???

I didn't let my reason get the best of me this time. That box went in the basket, up to the register, out the door and I've been slowly enjoying a small bowl on a very stringent schedule to make it last as long as possible. 

This is one of those times when it's not necessarily 
"Good for you..."

But I like to think when I see myself in the mirror I say... 
Good.... for you :)

Seriously... what if it was an Ooops.... and they never make that cereal again? At least I can say I was a part of history. Kind of like being a Goonies kid. Because down here in sugared cereal land... "it's our time"

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  1. My problem with the 'hide it for later' is that it passes the expiration date (evidenced by what I've had to throw out of my work drawer)!.

    Now I'm craving cereal...