The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

"Destruction therapy"

Remember this....

 Well that only got me so far... and times they are a changing.

 I've found myself having to utilize a lot of self control these days. For example... we have one of our friends staying with us. In the bathroom stands a very full and new flavor of toothpaste that promises everything under the sun.

It's his. Not mine. But do you know how badly I want to squeeze a pea size amount onto my toothbrush?

Not only because I yearn for a new flavor (that's the other trouble with buying in bulk all the time... there's no variety!) But also because a few peas out of his toothpaste would buy me a few more days from my own stash! ha. It's this almost humorous, "instinctual" notion. I mean seriously...
(don't worry I'm laughing at myself right now just thinking about how ridiculous it would be to "steal" someones toothpaste... right?)

Ok. So the point is that maybe I'm reaching a point... not so much of despair... or desperation... but frustration.

Some people take part in what they call "retail therapy".
I take part in something more like "destruction therapy". Albeit on a very small and necessary scale.

Look how much more was in there!! And to think I had to take a HAMMER and bust this thing apart... doesn't it seem a little overkill... On THEIR end?? 

Does a product I paid for... really need to be on this much lockdown?

I really do like you Bare Minerals... but for this one... you just might go on the "list"....

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