The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

I get by with a little help from my friends...

I don't like a lot of "stuff" - apparently I'm in the wrong sport for that...

This is what I'm told I'll need for Saturday. Not Friday, or Sunday - Just Saturday. oh... and a bike. And we'll be stopping at the grocery store for PB&J fixins... For a person with ADD - what do you think the chances are I'll forget something? ha! That's precisely why I'm going "to TRI with a little help from my friends". 

I've conned someone into joining me, if only for someone to talk to, for the entire journey... minus the first 2.4 miles. It's hard to talk while you're swimming anyway.

When I did Wildflower in May I talked to anyone within earshot. There was a guy wearing a "J" Vineyards jersey who looked at me like I was crazy when I told him that their Pinot Grigio was one of my favorites. He told me he's in their wine club and that I could get a jersey too. Then there was the poor guy on the run who was also dealing with a little knee pain. He stuck with me for 6 or 7 miles as I educated him on Dean Kamen, probably the most important inventor of our time...He confided in me that he wasn't really a big athlete, but he just liked hanging out with his friends and this is what they liked to do.
Back at camp everyone wanted to know how the race went, they were all surprised to hear me tell all these stories of other athletes (and not much about my GU consumption or recounting the hill known as the "nasty grade"... )
How do you know all this? they asked me...

Apparently... making conversation with other athletes during a triathlon is frowned upon. Well I can promise you that spending 7+ hours without talking to anyone... really doesn't do it for me. So what do you do when you're staring at a race that's going to take you twice that amount of time... you start recruiting! and you pick a race that's scenic, because I'll be spending a lot of time out there, and that let's you bring friends!

Beautiful scenery, a nice lake swim, Wholesome people, Snickers, Gatorade, and an IV waiting for me at the end. I'm in.

Grand Columbian


  1. I am a faithful follower of your blog, love inspire me!
    Good luck! Your going to have so much fun, the people there made a video for you! Amazing.

    Keep it coming.

  2. HAHAHA This post was so funny because I will talk to people along the way too. At first they are usually a little surprised but then they seem to welcome the distraction. It makes the time go by faster and you get to learn something cool about someone.
    Also, thanks for the heads up that I can buy a J vineyards jersey.