The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

happy birthday... for free!

Not buying anything for a year was originally designed to use stuff up, but I certainly can't complain that I've almost forgotten my debit card number on a few occasions because it's used that infrequently... :)

With my bank account thanking me, it dawned on me, perhaps my friends bank accounts are thanking me too...

My birthday was a few days ago and aside from being "homemade" many people surprised me with their creations of my favorite things.

In Grand Coulee Washington two of my best friends surprised me with date bars and banana bread (made with recipes I gave them as a "nothing new" gifts earlier this year).

One friend created these cool flowers out of of the cardboard toilet paper rolls and tissue paper saved from previous gifts.

This was a cute decoupaged box filled with magazine articles about making handbags from old newspapers, or jewelry boxes from cigar cases!

Some just can't help but shop! ha but even they sought out gifts like this one...

Earrings made from "repurposed fabric" not to mention it has "cupcake" and "cartwheels" in the name... it's like they know me! (do you remember the movie "Elf"... )

Some just sent me heartfelt messages saying they knew it would mean more to me than a tangible purchase... I do love a good cry :)

I hope they all took those few extra dollars they may have saved and bought themselves a real nice bottle of lotion or conditioner... so I can use a squirt next time I visit! ha

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