The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

sheer blonde, sheer joy

I was born the year of the dog, and apparently that has something to do with pessimism :) Well yesterday I was bitter about the crap conditioner I'm stuck with for a week or more until it runs out... but along with the bad, comes some good. Since I can barely brush through it after conditioning with the can't-be-gone-soon-enough Samy conditioner, usually I have to augment with a leave in conditioner. Seems wasteful I know. So here's the deal, the leave in spray isn't technically a "conditioner" I guess. It's a "leave-in nourishing spray". Call it whatever you want, just don't let me lose it...

I'm actually so impressed with this product I'm afraid to look more into it. You see, it has a sticker on it from Big Lots.

If you don't know much about Big Lots, it's basically an overstock place, that often times offers good deals because the food has pressing expiration dates, or in the case of toileteries, the brands have discontinued the product... You see my dilemma... There's a good chance the rest of the blondes in the world didn't get a stab at trying this one out and so it didn't sell very well, therefore forcing John Frieda to pull it from shelves. I pray this is not the case... Maybe I should start making a case for a comeback next June... you know how Dr. Pepper and Coke made throwback cans, heck even Mello Yellow is back!!!

I guess we'll see... I may not have anymore of that great blonde conditioner, but maybe this will buy me a few more weeks in the rankings with my blonde friend Bethany :)

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