The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

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I've been reminiscing a lot lately... not that I don't usually - in fact sometimes I have to remind myself to stay in the present - but the past really sucks me in :)

Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory - they say. If that's true, I'm definitely the lab rat to prove that theory. Since I've sadly set aside my favorite perfume for special occasions, I've been dabbling with the other scents I own. It's definitely given me a good whiff of some pretty entertaining memories. 

My high school years and probably half of my college days were spent spritzing on Cool Water Woman. In fact, if you ask my mom what I wear, she wouldn't know that I've switched to my beloved Lolita - but she's another story :)

The first spray the other day made me feel, childish. Isn't that funny? I mean seriously, it's not like I've "grown up" that much... please. I'd like to think that I'm eons beyond those days, but the truth is, aside from more big kid responsibilities and bills, and stress, I'm at the mercy of the world. Not a day goes by that I don't and learn something new... thankfully!

 I'd be a fool to think since high school and college I've somehow "figured it all out". In fact, I'm pretty sure everyday the world almost gets MORE confusing. When I was in high school there was far less "fear". Call it naivete, but when I hear the likes of Taylor Swift walking down music row at 11 trying to get a record deal, I find myself envying the "Fearless" attitude I had when I was 11. Or the hopeless romantic I was walking down the hall of my high school imagining what it would be like to finally catch the eye of my crush. Or what about the vision I had of wearing a power business suit, unlocking the door to my studio apartment, living in some big city... 

But the truth is... my crush and I would have never worked out anyway - he switched teams. And that power business suit, in a big city - not my bag. 

I dream of wide open spaces, spend my time picking out striped socks, baking chocolate zucchini cake for anyone who will eat it, sewing funny costumes out of swim cap... and anxiously awaiting that one runner who starts to cry just before the finish line... falling into my arms, so full of pride and overcome with emotion... that I can't help but cry too. 

Thank you Cool Water for helping me remember all those fun memories, but I owe you big time for helping remind me how great right now is... :)

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