The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

dark chocolate + carmel + sea salt = more please

Since food is one of the few splurges I have this year, let me tell you... I sure am enjoying them more than ever :)

A few weeks ago while I was in Seattle for the Rock N Roll Marathon, my friends came in from Whidbey Island and took me to one of the most amazing restaurants I'd ever been to - Purple. The lobster mac and cheese couldn't be passed up and was amazing,

 but it was dessert that almost created a scene right there in the middle of a perfectly sophisticated restaurant.

Upon arrival of the dessert menu (something I almost always torture myself with - I shouldn't even look but don't you just wonder???) Well I didn't even get a chance to read through the list before the menu was snatched out of my hands as my friend mary addresses the server with our orders.

Mary: "We'll have 3 of your dark chocolate sea salted carmels"

Server: "They come 3 on a plate, so one plate right?

Mary: "No. Like, she needs 3, she needs 3, and I need 3"

Really? I thought...

Mary: "Trust us"

Soon after three plates with three chocolates on each were handed out. No words were spoken from the other two, so I followed their lead and bit into the first piece.

You know that feeling you have when you taste something so ridiculously good that you almost put it back on the plate as if it's poison? I mean there's food for sure that you take a bite and then ravenously go in for another because it's so good. But then there's the kind that is so darn good, it's almost hard to comprehend, and so your fork just puts it back almost in denial?? These carmels, are deadly.

They were so good, that the next night we ate at a different restaurant just to mix it up (not sure why we always feel the need to do that too, but whatever) but as we walked home that night we instinctively ended up back at the dark chocolate sea salted carmel restaurant and ordered 3 sets of 3 to go... All of us shaking our heads in disapproval and yet anxiously standing at the hostess stand like rabid dogs.

Good news for me, I was back in Seattle just a few weeks later for TriRock Seattle. This time I wasn't in the city... but as you know now, I tend to obsess when I love things. I had visited the website for the restaurant as we waited that second night and knew they had a few locations...

As I sat explaining these delightful little squares of perfection to my co-workers it dawned on me, there might be a suburban location... right?

When I google mapped it in my phone - to my astonishment, the original location was just .5 mile away. Frantically I called the restaurant and ordered a dozen, sure to impress my new friends I even offered to go inside and get the beautifully tied up boxes in my ridiculous swim cap dress.

It really makes yout think twice about wasting calories on sweets that aren't that good. I love sweets... like more than the average person, and it's a problem. So... to try and remind myself that I should hold out and just splurge for sweets that are truly outstanding, I took that ribbon and tied it around my wrist...If I eat too many sweets with this bracelet on, my wrists will turn Purple and I won't be able to go to Purple anymore...


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  1. I'm going to seattle next week! This was just added as a restaurant to try :)