The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

a formal complaint...

It's like they know... 
"hey there's this chick out there, and she's trying to use up all our product... scraping the sides of the bottle, turning it upside down. we should mess with her"

Well suckers... I gotta butter knife and I know how to use it. ha. 

There are a lot of products whose packaging makes it very difficult... As I find them I'll alert you :)

 I mean even Folgers wants you to enjoy their coffee which is "good to the last drop".

Bare Minerals makeup - I too would like to enjoy YOUR product to the last drop.

Do you remember before the iPad even formally came out, people were getting early versions, busting them open trying to figure them out... maybe we could do that to these toiletry companies and cause a ruckus! Who's with me???

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