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headed to the bar...

I'm quickly approaching the end of the last bottle of body wash. Two years ago, we went to Yosemite, where you can only use "natural" soaps... I think. Otherwise I'm not entirely sure why we have these bars. If I recall correctly it was an environmental issue?

Well, as usual I probably got more than we needed, and so we have these bars of "natural" soap to use in it's place. But I haven't been particularly excited about this... (Not to mention that if we do in fact run out, which is inevitable, hotel bar soaps WILL become a staple in our life for the next year)

Now I'm sure they work fine, but have you seen the commercial for bar soaps and they time lapse the video showing it getting all cracked and dried out? I can't even find the video on YouTube right now, but I can promise you it exists. Needless to say, I usually buy body wash because I have that vague recollection of the elusive commercial, and also because the soap scum left behind from a bar is kind of annoying.

Ironically enough, my mom never bought body wash when I was a kid... I was raised on bar soap.

So does this mean the subliminal advertising really has done a number on me? I like to think I'm more savvy to marketing schemes, and don't get caught up in their ploys. Heck, I even have a friend I always tease about how easily she gets sucked in... as long as there is a bright "new" sticker on the packaging, she's in!

 My fear is that, minus the "new" sticker... I have been duped.

I found an article on the cost, effectiveness, etc on body wash vs. bar soap. Of course it depends on where you purchase both and what they're made of, but it was interesting to note that many boutique spa type stores are actually going back to bar variety... There are some upscale stores that even let you make your own!

Now, I have a confession. Before June I found almost a gallon of Salon Selectives shampoo at Big Lots. I love the smell... but it really isn't that great of a shampoo... sooo... I've been using it as body wash! not sure how that would fare in a bar soap vs. shampoo... but whaddya gonna do? I do love that Daniel Tosh....

Do you think Bathtub Gin makes your skin soft? It counts as food... right??ha

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