The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Good Karma :)

So this happened....

The pain is real, even if nobody knows....

Good news. The lady at AT&T knows. She said I could
A. get a "lame" phone until next March when I'm due for an upgrade.
B. See how much it costs to fix the screen
C. Go to Apple and see what they say... she got me an appointment... that night.

Fashion Valley Mall is a very nice mall. Parking there on a Friday night is not very nice. Between the Cheesecake Factory couples out on dates, to the movie going duos, girls looking to have their nice foreign boyfriends buy them nice foreign expensive clothes, to the idiots like me who HAVE to go there, it's certainly a venue where I can lose my marbles.

However, desperate times call for desperate measures. I show up early for my 8:20pm appointment and sit down at one of the tables with a computer. Just for kicks I google replacing the screen on an iPhone. Turns out Apple can do it for about $200, someone on Craigslist might be able to fix it for about $75-150 or you can try your hand at it yourself. Umm... we can clearly see what my hand does to an iPhone, so that was out.

About that time, a nice young man named Jason came over and asked how I was doing. I jokingly told him a story about an instance I had on an airplane recently. Apparently my voice "carries" and is "penetrating" as told to me by a fellow passenger... Much to my chagrin, I didn't think it was penetrating enough to shatter my iPhone... he played along and gave me a chuckle. not my best joke, but at least I wasn't being a jerk like the guy next to me.

I was taking full responsibility for my klutzy ways, and was sure they would "blacklist" me for such behavior (breaking the iPhone - although bad jokes probably do the same)ha

No tears, no pleading, no begging, no nonsense. I'm a klutz Jason, what do I do? Get a better case? Don't drop it he said. Point taken.

He pulled up my account on his beautifully well taken care of iPhone and within a few seconds looked at me and grinned. I thought for sure he was going to tell me that when I bought a computer from them a few months back I promised to come in and take classes (it gets you a discount)... but I have yet to actually attend any classes... I was due for a lecture.


Jason looked at me, smiled and said... today is your lucky day. I'm going to replace your iPhone. For free.

I could have cried just then, but I just can't seem to muster tears for much other than sappy country love songs. However, I genuinely thanked him and explained how this really was for a good cause... then I pulled up the blog and explained to him what I was trying to accomplish this year and that spending $675 on a new iPhone certainly wouldn't fly. Originally I thought about pulling up the blog first in hopes that he would feel sorry for me, but I hate to be that person. So I held out... and it worked.

Ironically enough Jason looked at me and said... you know I was just talking to a friend of mine the other day about how wasteful our country is and how I'd like to be better at not being wasteful.

It was like divine intervention for us both. I hope he felt as though his good deed for me, was at least part of a greater good deed that will go on all year. We took a picture on the new phone of Jason holding the shattered one, but unfortunately when I restored my phone, it disappeared. I wish I could show you the nice young man who single handedly made this blog possible this weekend, but maybe it's better you imagine Jason however you imagine one of the most wonderful Apple employees this side of the Mississippi :)

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