The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Out of desperation comes innovation?

I enjoy looking like a fool. Part of my "ann-foolery" includes fun ribbons in my hair. Bad news. They don't sell old ribbons down at AMVETS, or the Goodwill, or the Salvation Army...

This weekend is Rock n Roll Chicago, and I was starting to worry about the ribbon situation. I think there's an expression out there along the lines of, out of necessity stems creativity, or out of desperation comes innovation... anyway... it's true.

Ms. ADD, Ms. impatient... took two seconds to think about  it... and rummage around a little... and bam!

I have a plethora of staff badges from a myriad of different races. 

and if you just cut those suckers off... you've got yourself some real nice ribbon :)

If you're in Chicago... I might see you wondering around the expo, or you might hear me getting all crazy at the start and finish lines of the big half marathon - otherwise there's a good chance I'll be stuffing my face at Lou Malnati's :)

Here's how it turned out!!

That's my friend Dave Mari who ran the race, and documented the new bows for me :)

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