The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Bellhops and Bows

One of my favorite moments before a big race is the 4:45am elevator ride, down to the front desk of my hotel to see who got stuck working the overnight shift and has no idea what they are about to add to their resume... :)

In addition to a pair of striped socks... I try to throw in some fun bows in my hair if I can. The only problem is that I sometimes have a hard time tying them myself. That's where the overnight shift, usually the guys at the Bell desk come in... ha

I want to give them some kudos, because even though they look at me funny when I ask them to help me, they almost always agree... and then impress me. 

This was with one guy at the Westin in San Antonio. He had double duty that morning. I had two ribbons in each braid - and he didn't even balk :) 

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