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Paying it forward ;)

Part of the deal with nothingnewforayear is the "one in... one out" policy.

Well... This year at the underpants run I wore my swim cap skirt over my underpants... even though it wasn't quite "underpants" I guess the crowd liked it, and so I won a costume contest courtesy of GOTRIbal. It's a group helping other ladies in triathlon connect with one another!

The wonderful ladies from SOAS - a triathlon clothing company for women donated one of their tri "kits" to me as my prize...

Well, the good news is... I already have a SOAS kit! We thought about who could be a recipient of such an awesome prize, since I'm not allowed to accept it (although I was really tempted..)

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the ones who really could benefit from this are young girls interested in getting involved. As of now, being a really great triathlete at a high school level won't land you a lot of scholarships (hopefully that changes soon) but until then, I want to encourage young ladies to give it a "tri" anyway! 

I'm from the midwest where, as we all know, the obesity epidemic is hitting hard. Luckily, I had a wonderful swim coach who took me in, even though I didn't know how to swim well, he made me appreciate a good solid butt kicking workout, the sense of accomplishment sports can bring, and a passion for exercise that will help keep me healthy for the rest of my life. 

So I called that swim coach of mine and asked if he knew of a girl, kind of like me... Not an uber athlete, but someone who could benefit from a little help :)

And so I met with GOTRIbal and SOAS and they hooked it up!

A cute little "kit"

Just a little Paying it Forward - to a well deserving little lady :)

Thank you to Tanya from GOTRIbal and Kebby at SOAS


  1. Love this. I have a few girls who need this. A little motivation and a goal.

  2. You are inspirational to the recipient of such a cool SOAS kit and to other athletes!