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Old Sole...

I hope this unlucky streak is now behind me. They come in 3's right?
This weekend I lost my black puffy Northface vest at the Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles 1/2 Marathon expo.
I also got a poster signed for my niece by Disney star Drew Seeley... which I lost.
Then I came home and changed out of my tennis shoes only to take one step and snap... flip flops broken.

Good thing it's "winter" season and we're all supposed to be making the transition to Boots, but where I live we wear flip flops all year long... which means the cheap pair I picked up at BCF (Burlington Coat Factory) will have to hold together until June. I hope they're up for the challenge.

For the record I once purchased a pair of Rainbow sandals per the recommendation of just about everyone. They ate my feet for every meal for months. I probably spent just as much on bandaids for 6 months as I did on those damn things. When I lost them... it was good riddance. 

Then the raving recommendations came for Havaianas. Saw them at Costco one day and snagged myself a pair. Comfy for sure, but I only got them a few months ago, and now they're sitting in the bottom of the dumpster out back with the moldy cottage cheese... Last night I smelled skunk spray and I have to wonder if he too was disheartened by his findings... Obviously moldy cheese couldn't ease his disgust for a pair of fairly new but broken flip flops - or "thongs" as my mother from the Midwest calls them :)

Not so good. I hope this is one of those situations where the naysayers of my BCF affections are rendered speechless because this may be one of those cases where high dollar amount doesn't equate necessarily to high quality... I guess I could leave them outside and let Senor Skunk make the final call, but I'll pass. 

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  1. Just stick with good Ol' Old Navy ones. They last forever, possibly too long. I think I have had one pair for 5 years. I could just send you a pair, that would count for you not buying them, right?
    You'll have to pick up a pair in June.