The chief enemy of creativity... is "good" sense. ~Pablo Picasso

Not Cool

This perfume is not Lolita Lempicka, my favorite...
It wasn't bad though... and it's under 4 oz so I've been toting it around for a few months now.
From the outside it looks relatively healthy... no cracks, or dents, heck... It's still got it's lid even!

I guess all things are not as they appear. 
The darn thing apparently started leaking and now my bag is smelling very Mary Kay, while I, on the other hand just smell like Tide...

So long Mary Kay perfume. I'm sure the Mary Kay people aren't listening, but in case they are I'll make a plea similar to the others... please improve your bottling... I didn't figure in, the tragedy of disappearing perfume in my year quest not to buy anything new. 

Have no fear my beloved Lolita is safe at home, but with one soldier down, the troops must rally...
I suppose it's only fitting I'll be in Iowa for a few days, and the perfume I wore all through high school will be the one who makes the trip.

Except... this time around... Can you help me with the "cool" factor a little more Cool Water Woman?

Ha! Hope this gets you laughing :)

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